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It is out, in the book stands, and as a pdf file on simMarket too of course. This month’s range of interesting articles include such topics as ‘Maximizing FSX Performance — CPU or GPU?’,  ‘Commercial Applications of X-Plane — Part 1’, ‘The Golden Age of Air Racing’, ‘Tips and Techniques for Flying Ultra-lights’ and ‘How To: Create Your Own Virtual Aviation Company’. The cover sports the exciting new helicopter combat sim from Russia:  ‘DCS Black Shark’.

TuneVNAV Descent Pro3.2 is a FMC like software that calculates the exact descent & approach speeds of a descending airplane, all the way to the runway. “…….New in TuneVNAV Pro3 v.3.2: new airplanes added! Now TuneVNAV Pro3 calculates the exact descent & approach speeds, all the way to the runway for the following airplanes: Boeing(737-777), Airbus(319-380), MD11, DC9, CRJ (200-700-900), EJETS….”. VNAVPro is available as before from simMarket’s online shop of course.

SEA Development has released a new update for CheckList Manager Fs2004 (update 0.4) and CheckList Manager X (update 0.1). The updateis for Captain Sim’s Legendary C-130 and Legendary C-130 X-perience. More then 200 specific calls, realistic engines start-up, audible flaps calls to help the pilot during approach and an impeccable flaps/speed control for perfect landing!!! Available here at simMarket.

Yup, you read correct; more sounds. Synchro Soft is another outfit selling add-on sounds for your flightsim aircraft. Frankly, this is a funny area, hence my sometimes ‘tongue-in-cheek comments’. I mean, who can tell the difference between Engine A and Engine B on a 737, Airbus or whatever, considering that the average age of flightsimmers is somewhere over 50 and hearing is not the best of bodily functions anymore anyway!? Alright, Sycnhro Soft did their best to bring you realistic Embraer ERJ-170 sounds, so I’ll shut up. You can listen to a sample even, before purchasing your new sounds for…

Finally, the brand new version of Damian Clark’s Active Sky is released on simMarket. Some problems were fixed, and discounts for existing Active Sky users were arranged. So nothing to stop you now from purchasing and downloading this ‘King of the Skies’ and add yet another additional touch of realism to your FSX implementation. Get it here, NOW !

PMDG has released new versions of the PMDG MD-11 for FSX and FS2004 during the night, Friday. These updates serve to bring both versions to parity, and to add some new features and fixes since the FSX release in October and the FS9 release earlier this week. Both platforms are now up to version 1.10.0051, and customers may download the updates directly from PMDG’s download page at

Leonardo Software have released their Pro version of the MD80. Available for FS9 and FSX Fly The Maddog is one of the most sophisticated and complete add-on ever developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The accuracy of cockpit and system simulation is very high and there are many features which add realism to the simulation and are not present in standard FS aircrafts. For full details of this add-on and how to purchase, please visit the simmarket shop.

FS-Recorder, that delightful little freeware addon from Matthias Neusinger that lets you go formation flying on your own, has been updated. Matthias writes: “As already announced in the support forum, I had no time for further development of FS Recorder during the last year, but here is at least a minor update.”

We told you about it here and now it has arrived – for FS9 at least! VRSimulations have released their “SuperBug”  for FS9 and the FSX version will be following her off the deck soon. Looking at the screenshots on the VRSimulations home page, it really does look more than just a little bit interesting – there’s an in-flight refuel scenario for one thing… If anyone has this already – we’d welcome an objective review. For more information please mail me for more information.

The German publisher Halycon who re-packages many well-known (and not-so-wellknown) titles on CD for the German market, has now released two of Razbam’s recent aircraft. The Grumman Intruder that is Razbam’s most recent release is now available on CD with a German-language box, and the other product is the slightly older Banshee, also a military jet. Both are available from simMarket as of today.

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