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The Irish airport of Dublin EIDW, first product for MSFS by MK-Studios received an update today. Customers have been notified by an e-mail from simMarket and the improvements included will add the ILS 16, will fix the runway 16/34 open and other details listed below. Changelog: – Runway 16/34 open,- ILS 16 added,- Taxiway labels fixed,- Vehicles density adjusted on parking near 10R.

After Zagreb, Split LDSP is the second airport in Croatia, well known by the designer Davor Puljevic who already designed other versions of the scenery for simulators like P3D and FSX. We’re not surprised to see that his new product is made for MSFS. This new release is not bounded to the civilian airport only it’s completed with the military base Divujle LDHD and their surroundings treated with realistic terrain elevation and slopes. Recently offered for free by Touching Cloud at simMarket for all MSFS pilots during “Academy” weekends, the software Kinetic Assistant has been updated. It’s a tool for arresting cables on aircraft carrier and for gliders towing simulation. Here’s the copy of their press release to announce the latest “.. significant program update which brings into MSFS unique functionality, mostly for glider pilots and their friends, but it can be used by anyone else as well. Maybe you will help us by making an announcement about this update with a short description,so we can get more attention to our product.…

Already author of the successful airport of Tivat LYTV in Montenegro for MSFS, Pyreegue Dev Co. comes back with a second scenery for MSFS, this time in Ukraine. Boryspil International (UKBB) is their new quality scenery featuring PBR materials on all objects and buildings, and detailed terminal buildings with 3D interior.

Proudly announced as the first advanced payware airliner in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the CRJ by Aerosoft will have its own FS2Crew Edition. n their public message, FS2Crew adds that their flight crew simulation will be controlled either by voice commands or buttons. Both versions will be included in the same product.

TDM Scenery Design leader was managing Latinwings team before, and worked also in partnership with Pilot’s, so he has a long experience in scenery design. simMarket has started to sell his new creation in Spain, A Coruña Airport (LECO) developed for MSFS with a high level of textures realism, high number of objects and vehicles. The surroundings and terrain elevation have to be noticed as well among the main features of this product. Final point, a future free upgrade will add more landmarks again (the Main Hospital of the City with its heliport).

With the great possibilities of simulated real-time snowmaking in Microsoft Flight Simulator, having a tour and visiting the Alps seems like a great option suggested by simMarket. Their selection of airports covers France, Switzerland and Austria, with scenes from international hubs like Vienna or Salzburg (with the city in 3D) up to the Valberg altiport, or regional airports like Chambéry or Friborg. To discover here.

The complete rendition of the large hub WSSS Singapore Changi with all its 4 terminals, plus freight and maintenance areas is available for MSFS at simMarket. Cloudsurf Asia Simulations intended to use quality textures with PBR and HDR effects with custom signs and markings too.

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