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The Twin-Otter DHC-6 is on the priority list of aircraft DLC development at Aerosoft for MSFS. And the other MSFS aircraft that Aerosoft will release before their advanced simulation of the A320, are the 900/1000 variants of the CRJ. It will complete the initial pack of 550/700 CRJ series already available here.

Tropicalsim selected a US airport found in the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean, and you will be amazed by the local environment. In MSFS, you will want to fly and test TIST St Thomas one as soon as you installed it for sure, to check the PBR materials by yourself and the smooth integration into the default scenery.

Located just between Mediterranean and Aegean seas, the Greek island and the famous international airport of Rhodes Diagoras LGRP gets the high definition treatment of FSDG for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Optimized and well furbished also in the surroundings, add it to your basket or your wishlist at simMarket. Aerosoft publisher of the MSFS scenery designed by Sim-Wings in the Canary Islands to reproduce La Palma GCLA airport shares a new and Official Trailer to showcase the product. Enjoy the video to watch the numerous details on the airport buildings and surroundings with 3D roads and gas station for example.

The new update 1.2 for KEYW airport in the Keys islands, gets the addition of the Antonov An-24, abandoned near the runway threshold. Update your MSFS scenery of Key West by FSdreamteam easily with FSDT Live Update tool if you purchased it at simMarket.

Just beside the Lake Geneva, the second airport in Switzerland could receive more than 5 million people in 2020 with a single runway. Geneva Airport LSGG in MSFS is the latest and already successful scenery designed by RedWing Sim. Their customer reviews have 4 or 5 stars.

In the last Development Update blog post of Microsoft, their roadmap informs the community that we can expect the next Sim Update IV on May 20th. And the following Sim Update V will come near mid-July. About the next World Update V, this free set of detailed airports, points of interest and realistic landmarks will improve Nordic countries. Its release is planned on June 24th.

You can locate the Italian airport of Trento-Mattarello LIDT, between Milano and Venice if you zoom on a map near the Lake of Garda. The river Adige flows along the runway, and the surroundings include the southern mountains of the Alps chain. MSFS Scenery in 4K PBR with animations and heliport available at simMarket.

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