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The very important Brazilian hub of São Paulo SBGR arrived for Microsoft Flight Simulator, incoming from Tropicalsim workshop. They used the native and beautiful scenery design techniques of MSFS to recreate the terminals and ground, and you can also enjoy animated jetways.

Mayotte is a small and French territory between Africa and Madagascar. The international airport Mayotte Pamandzi FMCZ is on the smallest of the two islands. FSDG made a realistic scenery of it for MSFS and for X-Plane 11. Already existing for P3D5 P3D3 FSX users, the designers bring a new update v1.2, with the following content : new apron ground layout new hangar obstruction lights added

Located in Germany between Cologne and Dortmund and not very far from the border with Netherlands, Düsseldorf airport (EDDL) This is where JustSim dropped their latest MSFS scenery where you will park your airliner with very detailed buildings, advanced visual features like PBR, and numerous vehicles near the parking stands. Maybe you can grab it at reduced price if you own their airport scenery for an another simulator (P3D FSX XP).

Certainly the most advanced project of a complex airliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Aerosoft gave more details on the work-in-progress status of the CRJ ! See the latest exterior model pics here. In the virtual cockpit, you will get access to a functional tablet, to access the menu of checklists, performance, aircraft setup, maintenance and options. More screens here. Mathijs Kok also detailed the pricing and products listing of the CRJ series : “The CRJ 550/700 will cost €42 (plus your local vat when applicable). The CRJ 900/100 will cost €16.75 (plus your local vat when applicable). The CRJ 900/1000…

Simbreeze announced an update v1.1 for their MSFS scenery in Germany of Düsseldorf airport (EDDL). It will fix the dynamic lights, modify the jetways, and other improvements are included. Get the update from your simMarket customer account as usual.

The excellent scenery of Ibiza LEIB designed by Sim-Wings for Microsoft Flight Simulator did not have many screenshots to show on the product page. Now with the official trailer published, we have way more points of views and close-up to get a precise idea of the scenery details and textures quality. Watch !

Let’s visit more of Great Britain, some place in the Northern territories, in Scotland : at Inverness airport (EGPE), UK2000 Scenery made a very nice job when they designed the scenery for MSFS. With numerous vehicles, static aircraft including helicopters and high definition objects. Very similar but for all versions of P3D, X-Plane 11 and even FSX, there is still Inverness 2019HD for you.

LeBor Simulations team has trained on MSFS scenery design, so they produced a little airstrip located in Mount Lebanon, named Baadaran. Download it for free and find their installation instructions in the PDF manual. The graphics engine of the new simulator requires new techniques and new tools, so here’s their terrain where Lebor practiced, and for you to enjoy at no cost.

The beautiful Jabiru J160 and J170 come together in the new Aviator Series pack of Iris Simulations for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Test this sport light aircraft engineered in Australia, that allows to fly at the cruise speed of 100 knot with its air cooled 4 cylinder engine. Includes 2 aircraft variants, 4 instrument panels, the realistic soundset, and some weather presets provided by SoFly for free.

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