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The YouTuber who made us have a world tour journey with FS2020 Official footage completed his videos with this quick tour of locations identified in Caribbean and Latin America. Grenadines islands, Costa Rica, Mexico, Saba and Saint-Martin will appear here. We would like to have much more, but we need patience.

Microsoft gives more information about their partnership with Navblue in Flight Simulator. It’s an Airbus company that will provide the accurate and updated navigation database to the simulator, through Navigation+ service at the launch of FS2020. Later on, Charts+ service will follow, to provide terminal procedure charts from the real world aviation to the virtual pilots.

It is not a video officially published by Microsoft but which takes different extracts from official and preview footage to better focus and identify different European sites and cities as they appear in the Alpha version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The latest preview video of Microsoft Flight Simulator introduce their Partnership series with the company that computes, manages and distributes the weather data. It’s MeteoBlue, a Swiss company established in 2006. Their process starts by dividing Earth in 250 million boxes with 60 layers to manage altitude weather from surface to stratosphere. Their innovative technics and long time experience in real time weather, with historical weather data collecting all over the world, they will be able to provide accurate forecast and high resolution weather effects, including ice risks.

A lead designer of Asobo Studios, developers team of Microsoft Flight Simulator, explains and demonstrates many features of their highly attended product. This new Feature Discovery Episode is full dedicated to IFR related items : flight planning, GA and airliners navigation equipments, ATC.. NAVIGATION Partnership with NavBlue (Airbus company) for flight operations and data ARINC navigation database, updated with AIRAC cycles, SID/STAR included AIRCRAFT EQUIPMENT GA planes can load Garmin units 430/530, G3X, G1000, G3000 and G5000 ADF, NDB, VOR/DME, ILS FMC/MCDU with a few pages included by default : DATA, INIT, RAD, PERF Flight altitude constraints Reduced thrust support…

Visit the official website to load new Alpha screenshots of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and enjoy the views, with the default scenery and realistic buildings in famous places all over the world. Microsoft also confirms that the next Discovery Features Episode #08 about IFR features is still planned for May. Among their partners, there will be MeteoBlue (weather data), NavBlue (flight operations and air traffic management, an Airbus company) and FlightAware (real world traffic data).

Microsoft Flight Simulator official website reveals the minimum and recommended specs of your PC hardware. In all cases, Windows 10 is required as operating system. Minimum : CPU : Ryzen 3 1200 or Intel i5 4460 GPU : Radeon RX 570 or Nvidia GTX 770 VRAM : 2 Gb RAM : 8 Gb HDD : 150 Gb free Bandwidth: 5 Mbps Recommended : CPU : Ryzen 5 1500X or Intel i5 8400 GPU : Radeon RX 590 or Nvidia GTX 970 VRAM : 4 Gb RAM : 16 Gb HDD : 150 Gb free Bandwidth: 20 Mbps Ideal : CPU…

The official website displays a new bunch of screenshots taken by Alpha testers. They will receive a new version to include the Airbus A320 that will come in the default stock. It’s also confirmed than 150 third party companies have now access to the Software Development Kit of FS2020. The next important video will be the Feature Discovery Episode #08, about IFR flights and instruments.

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