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Currently at simMarket, the best seller of the MSFS sceneries is the latest release of JustSim : the Greek airport of Heraklion LGIR, on Crete island. Try first the approach to the runway 27 and enjoy the final leg over the Mediterranean Sea before you can display the HD custom textures designed by JustSim. With Impulse Simulations arrival at simMarket, the Australian airports selection for MSFS is growing with a new entry : YPAD Adelaide. And it’s a product to highlight among the quality titles : the scenery installs detailed buildings inside and outside the airport, with a high number of hand placed objects with PBR materials.

REX annouce today that they have released the new Technical Update 1.5 that supports Microsoft Flight Simulator with its latest Hotfix version Additional fixes to Weather Force MSFS are included for the tool features like winds and tempeture rendering in high altitude. You will get the update when you launch Weather Force. FIX LIST ADDED – Compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator ( FIXED – Pressure interpretation. FIXED – Winds and temperature aloft rendering in upper levels. FIXED – Pressure where data is missing in the weather data. FIXED – Incorrect pressure rendering on the main interface. FIXED – Ground snow…

The last Sim Update 5 applied to Microsoft Flight Simulator requires now a little Hotfix, gone live already, making MSFS to go version Download the update first via Windows Store, and then launch MSFS for the final install step in order to fix the necessary and following items : Fixed various crashes in game and on the world mapFixed crashes related to the offline AI trafficFixed minor memory leaksThe title should no longer freeze for a very long time when connecting / disconnecting peripherals The complete release notes are listed on this official web page.

It’s not so common to reveal the same airports previews for MSFS and Prepar3D at once. FlyTampa will please the vast majority members of the flight sim community with the new screenshots of Amsterdam V2 (EHAM Schipol) and Corfu V2 Airport and Island (LGKR). Soon at simMarket beside Sydney, Las Vegas and Copenhagen on the MSFS side. Carefully designed by 29Palms for Aerosoft publisher, add another Greek airport to your MSFS collection. And it’s a jewel in the Aegean Sea : Mykonos LGMK. Impressive scenery during approach with large ships in the bay, always excellent terrain work and elevation, do not forget your bathing suit and energy for the animated nights on the island.

With only a few sceneries released, their brand Pyreegue is already the promise of a top-notch quality airport with smooth performance. Let’s fly to Scotland to enjoy their new product for MSFS : Edinburgh EGPH, shipping with surroundings, animations and terminal interior.

The latest Sim Update 5 release by Microsoft broke some add-ons functionality, and the first batch of compatibility updates are rolling out. Among them, REX Simulations announce that Real Global Airport Textures receives its official update v1.1 to make it compatible with the latest version of Flight Simulator. If you are not used yet to their update process, it’s not that complicated : launch your current utility version, and you will be prompted to download the new build. Uninstall your current Airport Textures tool, and then install with the new setup file. Players with XBox series X and S have now access to Microsoft Flight Simulator, it’s also possible via the Xbox Game Pass. Existing PC simmers have also their new Sim Update V. First, launch the Windows app Microsoft Store in order to download the first 620 Mb. When you start MSFS, you must then download the mandatory update of 22,92 Gb for download, and 412 Mb comes on top for users with a Deluxe Premium upgrade. This new update is an important service patch with performance increase as the first target, consisting of : Improved multi core support for…

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