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After various North American and European airports, LatinVFR expands their MSFS sceneries collection with a product in Latin America : Santiago Chile SCEL. It’s well optimized, with lots of handcrafted items, terminal interior and high quality exteriors, up to sloped runways.

Fabio Merlo announced the April Update for the version 4.5 of FlightControlReplay Professional : the best and most complete Record / Replay utility for MSFS, P3D5 – 1 and FSX. Another bunch of new features have been added and a few bugs fixed at the same time. You’ll be impressed by the full VR support with FCR interface in your virtual cockpit, or by the Automatic Change Camera with its customizable and easy management. The update is FREE for all registered users. Please uninstall your current version, download the updated setup from your customer account, and install this new version.…

The next MSFS airports that Aerosoft team has on target includes the Bavarian airport of EDJA Memmingen, in Germany. It’s a little airport between Munich and Zurich, near Kempten. The early screenshots only present the 3D renders of some buildings for now.

It’s in the top 5 best sellers of its category, the MSFS landmarks products, and Prealsoft quickly updated their Paris Landmarks title to ensure the compatibility with the official World Update 4. It will avoid double points of interest and new landmarks are planned. All their current products are on sale 20% OFF at simMarket until April 25th. Nice combination to get the modern airport EDDH Hamburg as a realistic scenery in the nex-gen Flight Simulator of Microsoft. And I hope you appreciate like me to see the Sim-Wings production accelerated with several new airports released these last months.

For Flight Simulator, JustSim sells the new scenery of Luxembourg Findel ELLX. You may appreciate this release with the recent launch of the official World Update 4 that covers also Luxembourg country with nice landmarks. The rest of their existing add-ons are on sale 20% OFF at simMarket.

Both products of FS2Crew for MSFS have been updated and are also on sale 25% OFF at simMarket. Pushback Express v2.0 gets a fix for a parking brake issue with Aerosoft CRJ. And for Flight Crew A320 v1.5, you can assign hotkeys from the settings panel or adjust the window transparency until you get solid background. FS2Crew: Pushback Express updated to v2.0! Change Log: Corrects an issue that could affect the parking brake in the MSFS Aerosoft CRJ at the end of pushback.Hotkeys can be assigned directly via the Settings Panel. FS2Crew: Flight Crew A320 has been updated to v1.5!…

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