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Light but appreciated enhancements have been added to Flight Crew A320 – currently 25% OFF at simMarket – for a better interaction with the FS2Crew Main Panel when you put Microsoft Flight Simulator window in focus. Other fixes affect the engines start sequence, and you can also specify the aircraft model that you are flying to get the respective VFE speed checks. That’s because the crew simulation add-on is also compatible with A318-A330 Airbus products of Aerosoft in P3D FSX. For FS2Crew PMDG 737 NGXu Edition – currently on sale 50% OFF at simMarket -, the latest update was only…

Settled inside a dense vegetation, the little airport of St Tropez LFTZ in France is the best place for the VIP who come to the French Riviera. The hand placed vegetation and high quality PBR materials will please many virtual pilots in Microsoft Flight Simulator, published by Aerosoft.

The MSFS airports series of UK2000 Scenery start with Bristol 2020HD. The English airport (ICAO code : EGGD) benefits of a custom photoreal terrain and the new sloping design technique. You will look at highly realistic buildings, and there’s the option to add static aircraft if you want. Price cut by 50% OFF if you got Bristol 2019HD, made for P3D FSX X-Plane.

Even with the impressive world scenery of Microsoft and Asobo Studio in Flight SImulator, there’s still much room for local improvements. And Drzewiecki Design already demonstrated how it looks with Moscow Landmarks. It’s now the turn of the US federal capital, Washington Landmarks, to receive super realistic custom buildings, monuments and even airports enhancements ( KADW Joint Base Andrews, KCGS College Park Airport, KVKX Potomac Airfield, and W32 Washington Executive Airport).

In accordance with Aerosoft statement about MSFS scenery add-ons projects, when the product manager announced they will revisit the exising airports collection for Microsoft’s simulator, the next title will be Trondheim ENVA for MSFS. The Norwegian airport located betweem Bergen and Tromsø exists currently in Version 2 for P3D v5/v3 and FSX.

Maximise Performance is an interesting guide to explain step-by-step how to setup and optimize your brand new Microsoft Flight Simulator for the best performance according to your PC specs. Sofly LTD gives their recommendation for the graphic settings. All their tips and advices are in the PDF guide offered for FREE via simMarket.

You can try for free during 30 days and with full features available the new SimSounds 4.0, software developed by On-Next Development. It’s now compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator, as well as P3D and FSX. It will add numerous cabin announcements and sounds for more immersive flights. If you miss also roll and bump sounds during taxi, that’s also the solution. Optional crew packages can be purchased separately for more languages : German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Portuguese.

The easy-to-use passengers simulation PACX of TFDi Design can support now Microsoft Flight Simulator. Your pilot career, the passengers simulations and onboard services can be simulated with hundreds of custom sounds with their efficient tool. The same product can be used also with other simulators, like P3D, X-Plane and FSX. In order to work flawlessly with MSFS, you have to download the latest build installer in Beta version from TFDi Design website. Login details and password are indicated in your order history details of your customer account at simMarket.

A very nice gift can be downloaded for free thanks to LHSimulations, makers of the popular payware scenery of Budapest-Ferenc Liszt LHBP. The hungarian airport of Meidl Airport (LHFM) exists for both Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 11. VIsit their official website and make yours their custom and detailed airfield featuring “photoreal textures and 4’000 handplaced ojects with animated flags and windsock”.

Great news have been reported by the makers of the Concorde for Just Flight : DC-Designs comes with new preview pics shot in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Their publisher will release it first for P3D, and an upgrade to MSFS will be possible after that. About the systems and visuals, the developer ensures that their add-on will require to respect the numbers to achieve the supersonic and high cruise level of the bird, by using fuel transfers and the specific climb process. The virtual cockpit will be also even enhanced for MSFS version.

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