Browsing: FS2020 There’s a new video preview of the Spitfire Mk-1A project, under development for MSFS at Aeroplane Heaven workshop. In partnership with “Into The Bleu Simulations”, we can assist to the flight controls checks and engine startup procedure at the beggining of the video.

Big Radials hope that you will have fun flying their aircraft, and they plan to do more in the future. Let’s start with this P-40B Tomahawk for MSFS. It’s a 1,5 Gb package to download from simMarket, and its comes with a custom flight model, and advanced 3D assets, sounds, native textures.

TBLFscenery has already made several airports sceneries in France for MSFS, and they regularly get the best customers reviews at simMarket. Their latest release depict the little island of Île d’Yeu, in the Atlantic Ocean, with its airport. Realistic objects, static aircraft, 3D people and detailed textures are ready for your next flights ! Airport Regional Environment X is the ground vehicles add-ons series of LatinVFR to bring custom airport vehicles in MSFS. Get more realistic models, with more details, and they display airlines related liveries. Until now, they already delivered the North America, and Europe packs. For AREX North America Pack, there’s a new update Version 1.01, including the following improvements : Updated new catering truckRemoved some animated airport vehicles that did not look realistic on small airports.Added North American type fire truck Simworks Studios enhance their large scenery in Africa of Okavango Delta for MSFS. Their add-on also includes several helipads, camps, resort hotels, and numerous animals. The update brings it to version 1.05. Get it from your customer account at simMarket in the orders history. The Zenith CH701 STOL from the same developers is really adapted for your flights in this area.

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