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After the recent bundle release of Airports France Pack 1, France VFR members are proud to announce the release of the 5 detailed commercial french airports separately sold, as single product, for Microsoft® Flight Simulator®. LFBD – Bordeaux MérignacLFLC – Clermont-Ferrand AuvergneLFRB – Brest BretagneLFST – Strasbourg EntzheimLFMT – Montpellier Méditerranée The Airports FRANCE range for Microsoft® Flight Simulator® has been designed to offer once completed about 30 of the most famous and/or frequented French commercial airports. Our goal for all the products in this range is above all to offer mixed IFR/VFR platforms offering the best possible compromise between…

Another Norwegian airport is ready for MSFS, incoming from OnFinal Studio. We’ll fly to the famous Lofoten islands, at Stokmarknes Airport (ENSK) which is located right beside the fjord. The very detailed location is completed with the nearby and high bridge. As in previous products, expect high quality details and realistic PBR textures !

LatinVFR ensures the best experience to the sim pilots who own the Latin American airport of SCEL Santiago Chile in MSFS. WIth their latest update v1.01, that you will easily retrieve from Contrail add-ons manager, the following improvemens will be available : 1-Jetway model and connectivity.2- Elevation issues3- Replaced old LAN logo for new LATAM update.4- other small fixes.

Hamburg, La Palma, Munich, La Gomera and Ibiza have in common that Sim-Wings developers team already brought their scenery design experience for those places in MSFS. Between Germany and Spain, the balance will tip even more to the Spanish side with the new release of Tenerife Sur MSFS (GCTS). Airport blended in the default scenery by terraforming, with PBR features and animated jetways. With 11 new tutorial videos about flying the DC-6 in MSFS, PMDG already open the flightschool while the aircraft add-on should be ready this year. It will be followed by the 737 NGX, and even the entire products line 747, 777 will arrive into MSFS. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean PMDG stops P3D development as they still have “updates pending for the 737, 777, 747 and DC-6 product lines and new products still on the development agenda” thanks to the Prepar3D “enterprise licensing to commercial ventures”. This is a pack of 30 missions for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with increasing level of difficulty in the landing challenge. Discover extraordinary destinations all over the world, and build up your flying skills due to “short-runways, high-altitude approaches, and mountainous terrain”. Order now Landing Challenge Pro from SoFly at simMarket.

If you make part of the simmers who collect the German airports in MSFS, have a look at Dresden EDDC freshly released at simMarket by JustSim. It’s close to the border with Czech Republic, and located between Prague and Berlin. The scenery is made of detailed buildings with PBR materials, and advanced detailed objects or vehicles.

Who can refuse a flight over Venice in Italy ? Lido Di Venezia is the airfield located right at the entry of the Venetian Lagoon, ready for your landing on its grass strip. simMarket has launched the MSFS scenery of Aerosoft to reproduce LIPV with custom objects and 3D people. If you want to learn more about the CRJ operations since the 550/700 models exist from Aerosoft for MSFS, watch the video above. Today, you have an instructor that will take you for a complete flight onboard the CRJ 700. Michael is a realife First Officer and actually flies the CRJ, so he will certainly show you some tricks.

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