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Another beautiful “Landmarks” add-on is coming from Drzewiecki Design for MSFS : the US federal capital will be vastly enhanced with 1’500 buildings and custom objects with PBR textures. 4 Airports of the area will also receive upgrades, except KDCA Ronald Reagan Airport. This is Washington Landmarks MSFS :

Rebuilt from scratch, Bristol 2020 HD will be the first add-on of UK2000 Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The British team also mentioned there will be a 50% discount for owners of the 2019 HD version that was designed for P3D X-Plane. The exact final price will be announced later.

Inaugurate the first Colombian airport with Sierrasim latest entry for Microsoft Flight Simulator. SKPS Antonio Nariño Airport is in the southern region, not very far of the border with Ecuador. Their little airport with photoreal features is well implemented in the default scenery. More info at simMarket.

Focused on installation and stability issues, Microsoft and Asobo Studios announced the first official Update for Flight Simulator, due for launch later this week. As they promised too, performance optimization will remain among their long term target. It will be automatically downloaded when available and we’ll let you know when it’s online.

During Aerosoft Nextsim show that was streamed live on YouTube last Friday, the product manager of the publisher, Mathijs Kok, was interviewed and revealed what are the plans for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They are working on the first complex aircraft add-on, the CRJ. It will have 3 models :  -700, -900 and -1000 series. The 3D work is complete, but many other items are still in progress. Estimating a release timeframe is very hard because they depend much on Microsoft SDK which are not full ready. Anyway, their ideal release would be this year 2020, but we’ll see. The second…

Major release for Microsoft Flight Simulator, LatinVFR has made available their big airport scenery of KMIA Miami International. In Florida USA, it’s a magic spot designed here with hand crafted ground markings and PBR materials. It’s also optimized for the best performance. More screenshots at simMarket.

Surrounded by blue waters, the Greek Island of Kos and its airport LGKO are rendered with unprecedented realism by Gaya Simulations in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The custom buildings, vehicles and carefully reproduced other objects populating the apron will ensure maximum immersion.

Among the masterpieces add-ons that everybody has on target, we’ll keep an eye at LatinVFR because they are already preparing KMIA Miami for Microsoft Flight Simulator. That’s a classic scenery for virtual airliners pilots who like to fly to the US East coast in Florida !

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