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Among the masterpieces add-ons that everybody has on target, we’ll keep an eye at LatinVFR because they are already preparing KMIA Miami for Microsoft Flight Simulator. That’s a classic scenery for virtual airliners pilots who like to fly to the US East coast in Florida !

A very interesting project appears at, the freeware A32NX Project aims at the enhancement of the default Airbus A320 Neo included in all editions of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Currently, the content is the following : “Removed INOP property from all ECAM page buttons Added APU ECAM page Added Door ECAM page Added Bleed ECAM page placeholder Fixed fuel consumption Fixed APU startup time Added MODE change indication to Navigation Display Added Seat Belts and Air Cond Inop and Much More…”

The home airport of Aerosoft, Paderborn Lippstadt EDLP is their first add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it’s FREE ! Their headquarters are right beside the German airport. Download their add-on of 3,6 Gb here and enjoy the HD photoreal terrain with custom buildings and jetways.

What can you expect from this 1 GB download product ? Moscow Landmarks for Microsoft Flight Simulator makes a big change to the Russian capital city. This pack comes with 1000 custom buildings and objects, but also landmarks. 7 airports in the region will be upgraded at the same time. Now have a look at the price.. and order at simMarket.

A new generation of Flight Simulator has always been intricated with hardware upgrades and PC performance. With the new video of Hardware Unboxed, you will have a more precise idea of your current graphic card power or what kind of new graphics card you should look at, depending on your monitor resolution, your budget and the performance in MSFS that you expect. At simFlight, we confirm with our own experience what we’ve heard from many hardware specialists on YouTube and in the hardware medias, the best ratio of performance/budget are currently the Nvidia RTX 2070 Super, or AMD RX 5700…

The Vidan Design team announced that they have started to develop airports sceneries for Denmark in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The first one as seen in this single shot preview will be Billund EKBI airport, located right beside the original Legoland Park. It will be followed by “Bornholm Airport EKRN and then probably Aalborg Airport EKYT.”

There are extraordinary landscapes in Austria, and you can experiment this level of excitement in Microsoft Flight Simulator with the high quality scenery of Gaya Simulations at Zell am See (LOWZ). Close to Salzburg city, the little airport receives small aircraft in the middle of the Alps.

Pilot’s designers team have been able to capture interesting shots of their future products, developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They will start in Spain, at Alicante airport LEAL. Very nice buildings models with beautiful and high definition textures are visible on their in-development screenshots. More existing airports of their collection will be made for MSFS, like Tioman Island in Malaysia.

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