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There’s a new and official preview video filmed in 4K of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Explore new regions of the world, from Liberty Island in New York to Ayers Rock, and watch the details on the aircraft models now including jet airliners like Boeing 747-8 or Airbus A320 Neo.

New set of information from Microsoft about Flight Simulator (2020). The first round of Beta selection will end this October 15th. Another recruitment for Tech Alpha 2 is planned near the end of this month. Here’s their current planning copy : 10.15 – Recruitment for Tech Alpha 1 ends. If you would like to sign up, please head into the Insider Area and fill out the survey. 10.17 – Build release preparation begins. Insider acceptance confirmation communication begins and will run through 10.24. 10.24 – Release Window Opens. We will begin granting access to the Tech Alpha build to Insiders…

Its official name is Microsoft Flight Simulator (their official Facebook is here), and a few people, youtubers, content creators, journalists went to Seattle and met with a part of the developers to get many details. They have been also able to fly a pre-Alpha version. Information have spread everywhere, and it’s good to take a pause, sum up the confirmed facts and features.. This may avoid you to read dozens of webpages, watch dozens of videos, and read dozens of pages in a forum with mixed information. FSElite and Frooglesim have been our main sources for this quick summary. Visit… The new preview video of Microsoft featuring Flight Simulator 2020 focuses on the World depiction, .. and it’s very detailed. Expect more videos of this kind at the beginning of October.

Beside new videos and screenshots posted in the Insider area of the official website, Microsoft confirmed they open the Tech Alpha recruiting. Flight Simulator 2020 development plan includes regular information releases even in the next two months. In the same time, the first tests with Insider members who registered for these tests session will start.

The latest news of Flight Simulator 2020 report the development progress and the confirmation of sloped runways support ! For Insider subscribers, new preview screenshots are visible for Australia and Grand Canyon for example.

Microsoft launch the Insider Program sign up form if you want to share with the developers, receive exclusive Beta builds and pre-public information to participate in FS2020 elaboration.

Who wants news about Flight Simulator 2020 development ? Microsoft developers team posted a short video clip of 3D clouds. And.. they have started to detail their roadmap for this summer, with Insider program, development and future preview details. At the end, they added some clues of their attention to simmers comments.

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