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Justin Tyme sends news of the latest FSGenesis meshes for FSX: “A V2 progress build for Alaska-Hawaii is now available. This progress build includes plateau fixes at numerous airports in SE Alaska. Several more AK airports will be available in next week’s progress build.” Find out more about this update and about FS Genesis meshes here.

Leonardo Software have released their Pro version of the MD80. Available for FS9 and FSX Fly The Maddog is one of the most sophisticated and complete add-on ever developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The accuracy of cockpit and system simulation is very high and there are many features which add realism to the simulation and are not present in standard FS aircrafts. For full details of this add-on and how to purchase, please visit the simmarket shop.

FS-Recorder, that delightful little freeware addon from Matthias Neusinger that lets you go formation flying on your own, has been updated. Matthias writes: “As already announced in the support forum, I had no time for further development of FS Recorder during the last year, but here is at least a minor update.”

Nemeth Designs have uploaded a small patch for their MBB Bo 105 Helicopter. The patch fixes engine sound, adds a couple of contact point fixes and adds new interior cameras. You can download the patch here.

Something different for a change, and more than just some phototextures as you can read in the features list in the second part of this message. “…… Kalaupapa is a small village on the island of Molokai in the state of Hawaii. The village is located on the Kalaupapa peninsula at the base of the highest sea cliffs in the world, dropping about 3,315 feet (1,010 m) into the Pacific Ocean. Kalaupapa peninsula was created when lava erupted from the ocean floor near Kauhako Crater and spread outward, forming a low, shield volcano…..”.

Laurent Dupouey of FranceVFR reports that they have published some screenshots of their upcoming product ‘FS Altitude Western USA’. Laurent mentions that “…… This photo-real product is dedicated to high altitude flying and brings photo-real coverage on half the USA country (Western part). The release date is expected for February, and the second volume (Eastern part) should be available in April…..”. New screenshotscan be seen here.

The German publisher Halycon who re-packages many well-known (and not-so-wellknown) titles on CD for the German market, has now released two of Razbam’s recent aircraft. The Grumman Intruder that is Razbam’s most recent release is now available on CD with a German-language box, and the other product is the slightly older Banshee, also a military jet. Both are available from simMarket as of today.

Alexey Samoshin’s Natural World FS Winter adds to FS9 and FSX new winter textures, “….. which allows to make “virtual” winter significantly more realistic. This package includes settings to provide you with new winter features such as the frozen lakes and rivers, snowy roofs etc. Seas and oceans can be frozen near the coastline as well. Your winter in FS becomes more and more realistic!…..”. Available here at simMarket.

Daniel Chircop has released his FSX version of Malta International Airport. “…..Malta International Airport, which occupies the location of the former RAF Luqa, 8km from the capital Valletta, is the only airport in Malta and it serves the whole Maltese Archipelago. This FSX version includes Update1 and Update1.1 previously released for the FS9 version. It also makes use of FSX features such as reflective textures and specular bloom…..”. Available on simMarket.

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