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If you are a home cockpit builder, then you will be interested in the Simkits TRC1000 glass cockpit. The unique TRC1000 is a 100% scale replica of the most popular Glass Cockpit System as found in many modern aircraft and which display functionality is also supported by Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX and (with additional software packages from third parties) for Microsoft FS9. The hardware is produced from quality ABS using plastic injection molding.

NVIDIA was seeking for some more performance in the GTX 260 series; they needed to give it a little more bite. NVIDIA is today introducing the GeForce GTX 260 Core 216. This new chip has one additional shader cluster which brings the accumulated number of shader processors towards 216. It does make a slight difference and the Guru of 3D test the BFG OCX MaxCORE version of it. You can read the review right here.

CH Products announces today the latest release in their controller product line. “……. From LA to Sydney, over torrential bodies of water and massive terrain, through farmlands and wetlands, the CH Flight Sim Yoke has been a constant companion in the countless journeys you’ve taken for many, many years.  It’s time to finally retire that indestructible co-pilot now and say hello to a new friend……”.

Guru3D writes “…… ATI unleashed the Radeon HD 4670. A nice little card that packs some decent punch for the value minded consumers. The Radeon HD 4670 will roughly offer you last year’s mid-range performance at 79 USD. With that amount of performance the card will allow you to flick on 4xAA and 16AF and still play modern games at 1280×1024 and maybe even 1600×1200. And for you as a gamer on a budget, is an immensely interesting fact for your feature and framerate budget. We have a full review on this product……”.

Guru3D reports that “……. Rivatuner has been updated to version 2.10. In this release we have included a huge amount of new stuff to keep you busy. Of course GeForce 9×00 support has been added as well as ForceWare GeForce drivers up-to 177.92 and AMD ATI Catalyst 8.8 support. With this release comes support for ATI Radeon 4800 class graphics adapaters and better GeForce GTX series 200 support as well…..”.

Guru3D looked at an NVidia 280 graphics card this time. Unfortunately they don’t test with FSX, or they might have reported about some of the problems that owners of these 280’s appear to have with FSX. “…..OCX is short for ‘Overclocking eXtreme’ and it literally boils down to the fact that this is BFG’s most high-end specced product in whatever the product range might be…..”.

Flight Illusion “……. proudly presents the new range of navigational instruments for use with flight simulator. To celebrate our 3rd anniversary, the developers at Flight illusion have closed the gap and released the last instruments in the general aviation segment. After the turn & bank coordinator and the F16 gauges, this is the third release of new products in 2008…..”.

Francois Dumas, PR officier for FSLabs, reports “……. Flight Sim Labs, Inc., (FSLabs), announces the release of yet another one of our specialized driver applications, this time to provide an interface between Engravity hardware and Flight Simulator software. This specific interface allows owners of Engravity’s 737 and 747 CDU hardware to interface their CDU’s with the PMDG 747-400X Queen of the Skies for Flight Simulator X…..”.

Guru3d have released their ‘PC Buying Guide’ which can help you decide on what to get next. “…. It is time to build that dream PC before you head off for school! Surely you do not have to take our advice for granted, but at the very least let us help you a little. Guru3D’s guide will only cover the box. Monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers are not included…..”.

If you’re still on the fence for buying a new graphics card, then Hilbert Hagedoorn’s articles will surely interest you. Link them to knowledge and experience found in our forums and you should have a solid foundation for decision making! Hilbert writes “……. BFG is in the house with their latest weapons of mass gaming. They recently tweaked something in their product line-up and released the “OCX” series of products…..”.

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