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Guru3D had a peek around for an exotic model GeForce 9600 GT. They said: “We ended up with Sparkle and get this; they ask only 99 EUR for their passively cooled product with 512MB GDDR3 memory. I’m sorry but that’s just a heck of a lot more value than the 9500 GT will offer gaming performance wise. And next to that, as this review will show .. the product has a few surprises ready under it’s sleeves, it’s passively cooled, overclocks like a beast and looks drop-dead gorgeous !” Read the full review here.

Go Wider with Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition New widescreen modes provide maximum triple-display desktop space for gaming enthusiasts and professionals Montreal, Canada, August 5, 2008/PRNewswire – Matrox Graphics announces new triple widescreen modes for the TripleHead2Go Digital Edition: 3x1680x1050 and 3x1440x900. The new modes allow gaming enthusiasts and professionals to benefit from the advantages of widescreen technology across an astonishing desktop set-up.

Guru3D looked at the Galaxy GF9600GT and writes “…….Noise always has been an issue with graphics cards. The past few years however manufacturers have put more emphasis on cooling solutions that though are high performance, are silent. Every now and then however there are some companies out there releasing a product completely passively cooled…….”.

Hilbert Hagedoorn writes “…..It was known for a while already that AMD’s ATI is developing a new product under codename R700. Guru3D has a nice preview of what AMD is going to launch real soon, the Dual-GPU based Radeon 48×0 X2 series of products. In very short wording, you take a large PCB (printed circuit board), slap two 4870 processors and a bridge-chip on there and call it a Radeon 4870 X2….”.

Guru3D writes “……A reference-based GeForce 9800 GTX, yet pre-tested and qualified to run at higher clock-speeds. That and a better bundle as Inno3D is now bundling a DX10 title with the OC edition, namely Company of Heroes, Opposing fronts from THQ. Interested already ? Read on then as with the recent GeForce 9800 GTX card price-drops .. pricing became really interesting !….”. You can find the review here.

Guru3D has looked at the Force3D Radeon 4850 and 4870 cards and reports “……We mentioned their name already a couple of times, yet with this article we’d like to introduce a new company called Force3D……”.

Guru3D posted a Radeon 4850 and 4870 Crossfire performance review. “…..Since Radeon series 4800 cards offer so much value, it might even be interesting to pair them in CrossfireX mode. Much like NVIDIA’s SLI offerings, AMD’s ATI solution can be paired and matched as well……”.

Guru3D listens to sounds. “……Fashionably late .. two things nice about coming late to the party is that you know what everybody’s wearing and everybody notices your arrival. The Asus Xonar D2X is a high-end sound card is without equal for your enthusiast-level PC. Behold its over-the-top looks, marvel at its no-holds-barred features and be captivated by the sound it produces.

Must be in the air today…. another Italian message for you simmers! Angelo Moneta sent us links of his web site regarding the Italian Air Force show in Rome last May, and his military flightsim he built for the occasion. Angelo writes “….. This Fs was built for public use during air shows with advertisement and public relations purpose. First appearance was during main Air force Air Show last month. …..”.

…… the story continues. And the battle for graphics cards supremacy seems to be heating up! Hilbert Hagedoorn of Guru3D sent us TWO reviews of competing cards that came onto the market this week. The good thing about having the competition is that we have better and improved products at lower prices. The bad thing is that it makes it harder to choose!

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