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Sporty’s Pilotshop, a renown outlet for ‘real’ pilots in the US, now ‘sports’ a “…..Complete Microsoft Flight Simulator Package, that includes Saitek yoke, throttle, rudder pedals & software….. “. “……Yoke features a durable stainless steel shaft with precision bearings for smooth and predictable elevator and aileron control. Throttle quadrant features detents for idle and reverse thrusters. Self centering Rudder Pedals with tension adjustment completes the setup with precise rudder and toe braking control……”. Check out their product page here.

This time Guru3D looks at BFG’s for a product review, specifically their new ES line of power supplies “……and guys, this might be the black sheep of PSU’s, as looking at it from a bit of distance It’s a regular, non out of the ordinary PSU. Black, nothing modular, looks are okay though. That literally was my first impression. Then I hooked it up, ‘is it switched on yet ?” ‘Yeah it is’, I just didn’t hear a thing. Pure silence…..”.

Sim-Avionics “……..are proud to announce the release of their Boeing 777 Flightdeck Avionics Suite for home cockpit builders and Flight Simulator enthusiasts. Designed to run on multiple PC’s in various configurations interfacing with FS2004 or FSX via FSUIPC or Wideclient the product offers a complete avionics solution……”.

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