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Are you a flight simulation enthusiast and a programmer? Looking for a job working on professional, high fidelity and complex flight Simulators? Then take a look over at NexGen’s Website as they’re hiring. Head over to their site to see if you fit their requirements and maybe send them your resume along with the required information.

Over at their forums on Avsim, PMDG head Robert Randazzo has put out a call for beta testers on their upcoming “PMDG Classics” DC-6 package. Before you all rush to apply, however, the request has a significant caveat in that you have to have real world experience flying or maintaining one of these increasingly rare beasts. If you do have experience flying or maintaining a DC-2, DC-3, DC-4, DC-6 or DC-7 (or an aircraft with an equivalent engine) then take a look here for the application method to join the test team.

If you are into Flight Simulation and into hardcore navigational systems and into programming and looking for a job then this offer from wilco Publishing maybe for you: “To complete its development team, Wilco Publishing hires a part-time programmer. Gauge programmer (C++ and XML) to work on “glass-cockpit” Garmin-style arrays and systems. He/she must be able to deliver complex navigation-based systems, aircraft systems and flight instrument systems. Guaranteed paid work on a regular basis. Moderate timeframes will be essential as there is a lot of work available! To apply, please fill in the form available from our contact page.”