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Microsoft lift up the non-disclosure rules on the third-party add-ons currently in development. Developers can now show and announce their projects for Microsoft Flight Simulator. So, here are some fresh announcements and previews from popular teams : FlyTampa : Vienna, Boston, Sydney and more.. Milviz 737-200 MilViz T-50 and B-55 DC Designs – F-14 Tomcat jet fighter FSDreamTeam Chicago O’Hare KORD FlightBeam Studios KDEN Denver Drzewiecki Design tests in a small airport IRIS Flight Simulation Software aircraft previews

Microsoft and Asobo Studios announce that the Beta test invitations were sent. And two information more have to be underlined : directly from day 1, Flight Simulator will support Track IR devices to simulate and control the pilot view and movements, easily and naturally with your head. during this Fall 2020, VR support will be added, allowing to use other devices like Oculus or HTC to and control the virtual cockpit from your desk just like if you were in front of the panels and switches. and Microsoft adds another channel to pre-order and get Flight Simulator : Steam simMarket…

Microsoft and VATSIM announced their partnership to allow the multiplayer network to be ready on the first day when Flight Simulator is released. This is also the opportunity to introduce their new logo, read the full announcement here. And see another pic of the TBM virtual cockpit to ship with Flight Simulator (by default in all versions including Standard).

Microsoft announced today the release date of Flight Simulator : August 18th 2020 ! We also got the detailed content and the price of each edition to come on that date : Standard : 69.99 USD / EUR , or 59.99 GBP 20 aircraft and 30 detailed airports Deluxe : 89.99 USD / EUR, or 79.99 GBP 25 aircraft+ 35 detailed airports Premium : 119.99 USD / EUR or 109.99 GBP 30 aircraft + 40 detailed airports Find the respective Pre-Order page of your digital copy (to download on release date) from Microsoft shop by visiting simMarket, official partner of…

In their last Partnership series, Microsoft and FlightAware explained what their team work will bring into the new Flight Simulator. Established since 2005, FlightAware gathers the actual air traffic data from multiple sources all over the world. It will be transferred into the simulator as AI traffic, in the air and on the ground. Virtual pilots will be also able to “check arrivals and departure from airports, select any flight to see its fly plan” before they fly it from home.

The YouTuber who made us have a world tour journey with FS2020 Official footage completed his videos with this quick tour of locations identified in Caribbean and Latin America. Grenadines islands, Costa Rica, Mexico, Saba and Saint-Martin will appear here. We would like to have much more, but we need patience.

Microsoft gives more information about their partnership with Navblue in Flight Simulator. It’s an Airbus company that will provide the accurate and updated navigation database to the simulator, through Navigation+ service at the launch of FS2020. Later on, Charts+ service will follow, to provide terminal procedure charts from the real world aviation to the virtual pilots.

It is not a video officially published by Microsoft but which takes different extracts from official and preview footage to better focus and identify different European sites and cities as they appear in the Alpha version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.