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The French designers at LMT Simulation gave more pics of the little airport Cannes Mandelieu LFMD that is still under development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The main part of the job is done, so the wait should not be too long until we can touch the landing gear near the French Riviera.

After 3 years already of compatibility with X-Plane 11, the free app FlightJobs can now connect to Microsoft Flight Simulator as well. The author adds that “it simulates the pilot’s work, earning money and experience to be hired by an airline company. […] This tool was constructed and can be improved with community suggestions.” Find videos, tutorials and the app download on his website :

While we wait for the next patch of Microsoft Flight Simulator already announced for next Thursday September 24th, we can check their last developement update posted on the official website here. Two videos have been uploaded that you can watch here: Around The World new episode, in Africa Partnership Series : Textron Aviation, the company who modelled the Beechcraft and Cessna models for MSFS default stock. And they also posted their road map to cover next weeks updates. Regular improvements for the SDK will allow third party developers to produce more complex add-ons, new partnerships and new features are also…

Tropicalsim has been active producing sceneries in Azores archipelago for a long time. That’s also the destination that they chose first to model an airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The product description ensures that São Jorge LPSJ MSFS uses the official SDK and dynamic lights.

After having applied the latest and mandatory patch that you cannot avoid at Microsoft Flight Simulator launch, hundreds of users reported that their simulator is quite unstable with direct return to windows desk, particularly right after loading the flight when setting ATIS radio frequency, or when flying in France and Southern England. The issues have been identified by Microsoft, as reported among the Known Issues forum thread here. FIX IT : In the first case, their respective advice is to disable ATC until the next patch release. > Settings / General / Sound / Text-to-speech settings / Deactivated In…

The little Danish airport of Bornholm EKRN is found on the island with the same name. When you launch MSFS next time, use the detailed scenery delivered by Vref Simulations through simMarket. The default scenery will be replaced with very detailed buildings and objects, fences, using PBR textures.

IndiaFoxtEcho have made several projects announcements regarding the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The first of them is their Long-EZ, a singular light aircraft that is almost complete, they just need to finalize the documentation and release process. The other aircraft on the production line should be the Aermacchi M-346,  Lockheed Martin F-35, the Eurofighter Typhoon and the Grumman F-14D Tomcat.

To enhance the realism and interest to fly over the Czech capital, EuropeM added 300 realistic and detailed buildings in Prague for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The total size of the download file is 1.25 Gb, for purchase via

Create custom Points Of Interest in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and start your flight right there. In flight or on the ground. With FStarter MSFS, it’s also much easier to start your flight at the entry of any airport pattern, or to go quickly for a sightseeing tour over one of the detailed city of the simulator at the desired altitude.

You have an update for Chicago O’Hare V2 in MSFS : FSdreamteam details the content of the new files. Dynamic lights enhancement (+400 lights added, varied colours) Support for the new MSFS Patch Full PBR for custom ground textures, Added centerline lights to the high-speed taxiway exits. Get the update right now and automatically installed from FSDT live update tool.

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