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Fly low and explore Mexico from the air, or enjoy the upgraded urban scenery of the large city when you approach and takeoff from the international airport. FlyMex has a long time experience in designing sceneries for the flight simulation, and they have in stock Mexico City Landmarks for MSFS with numerous custom buildings and monuments.

To test the simulator graphics, the weather system, and the aircraft interaction in varied and hard conditions, Weather Preset Pro will let you save much time to set your settings. 40 weather presets are included so you can quickly fly in zero visibility, freezy fog or other windy and stunning storms.

The Classic airport and probably most popular of FlyTampa is under development for Flight Simulator : soon we’ll head over the Caribbean, at St Maarten airport (TNCM). And their first screenshots focus on the main terminal, with multiple interior details.

Another major and international airport appears in the Microsoft Flight Simulator category at simMarket : CYVR Vancouver of FSdreamteam. It’s an up-to-date scenery of the Canadian airport in British Colombia with the latest terminal expansions and parking numbers. Apron textures and 3D lights are pure MSFS native items.

A little airfield in Australia, but with great details in Flight Simulator : Southport (YSPT) is located in a beautiful area near Brisbane, between Careel Rserve and the Spit Gold Coast. High resolution textures with PBR effects and handcrafted objects will end to convince you.

I can understand if you are very happy now, the military jet trainer of IndiaFoxtEcho is available at simMarket to let you enjoy fast flights and perform training missions with the Aermacchi MB-339, in MSFS sky. From the same team IndiaFoxtEcho, there is also the Long EZ, a modern, high performance original aircraft with its custom soundset.

The famous and beautiful scenery of Budapest main airport Liszt Ferenc LHBP is under development for Microsoft Flight Simulator, by LHSimulations of course. New screenshots and technical details are already mentioned : high resolution textures at 2048 pixels, buildings remade from scratch, PBR effects. Smaller airports in Hungary will be also designed for this simulator : “Győr-Pér (LHPR-LHBY), Sármellék (LHSM), Pécs (LHPP), Debrecen (LHDC)”.

Fresh release by JustSim, and already 40% OFF for the launch of their MSFS series and especially for owners of that airport in other simulator versions. Enjoy now the Greek airport of Rhodes International Diagoras (LGRP) after purchase and download of the 393 Mb file via simMarket.

Colombia territory is wide and it’s often necessary to fly between big cities if you want to avoid dozens of hours in a travel bus. Bucaramanga airport is close to the Andes mountains, and it’s the new aiport designed for Flight Simulator by Sierrasim Simulation : SKBG Palonegro MSFS is available at simMarket.

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