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At Tom IT’s personal page, you will find a free software that connects with Flight Simulator to train for emergencies. By default, the simulator only lets you set a timer. MSFS Emergency Training App will trigger the failures randomly instead. You can even specify conditions, like minimum and maximum altitude settings.

This weekend, FlightBeam Studios and iBlueYonder should be ready for a major release soon : Portland KPDX for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We know well iBlueYonder for their long history in quality scenery including Nantucket Island, Heron’s Nest and… Portland. So plan a visit to Oregon, USA, this weekend.

With superb screenshots taken in Morocco, Prealsoft announce the advanced development of Casablanca City for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Photoreal and custom buildings will reproduce the biggest city ofthe whole Maghreb and high resolution terrain will be also included.

The Version 1.30 of A Guide to Flight Simulator focuses on an all-new tutorial for the fantastic TBM 930. This fast, dynamic and exciting aircraft packs a punch when flying thanks to its aerodynamic design. Because it features nice onboard equipment, retractable landing gear and also packs huge range and cruising altitude, we felt users of the guide would appreciate going beyond the smaller Cessna aircraft. The tutorial will take customers on a trip from Telluride Airport over to Aspen Airport, whilst navigating the dangerous terrain down below. Not only does the guide go over flying, but also how to…

The talented group is running the Beta tests in MSFS of their Irish airport scenery : Dublin EIDW. MK-Studios’ next projects are Keflavik, Helsinki, Fuerteventura V2 and Rome, all developed for both P3D and MSFS (except Keflavik, for MSFS only).

It’s already online and the automatic download of the Patch #2 v1.8.3.0 will start at your next launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the download of the 15.69 Gb update, the main enhancements will affect the performance, and many aircraft avionics and systems have been fixed as well. The ATC, user interface and weather have a few fixes too. Microsoft and Asobo Studios will keep on preparing more updates, guided upon the community feedback.

In one month since the release of MSFS, the German publisher Aerosoft adds already the thrid airport to their MSFS collection : Airport Trondheim-Værnes (ENVA). This Norwegian scenery uses efficiently the enhanced power and visual effects of the graphics engine, with high definition textures for the airport and terrain, dense airport objects and improved surroundings. Don’t forget to enjoy their FREE German airport for MSFS : Paderborn Lippstadt.

Already author of South African airports add-on, Gaffer Simulations launch their first title for MSFS : King Shaka Intl FALE. Their screenshots show easily the best features to expect in the simulator : custom apron textures and ground markings, detailed buildings and jetways, custom glass effects and PBR. Their older products for P3D4 are on sale 20% OFF at simMarket.

The first weather management tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been announced by REX : Weather Force is a real-time engine based mainly based on METAR with a 1/8th mile precision, updated 10 minutes, with data provided by NOAA. It will also retrieve data from NCEP (data updates twice a day) to model more global atmospheric conditions (temperature, winds at high altitude). REX will be also able to add smoother transitions, the ability to search specific location and historic weather data if you want to customize your flight situation. Different from the default Microsoft scenarios included in Flight Simulator, those…

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