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Las Vegas McCarran KLAS is a particularly challenging and interesting airport addon for Tower!3D or Tower!3D PRO because it’s a busy international airport with 4 runways. Control hundreds of flights every day from your tower position at Las Vegas in a realistic environment. And you can also add real traffic world schedule data. After Fernbus the bus simulator, TML Studios cooperate with Pedepe team, specialists in company management simulation to allow you found a transport community in Fuerteventura Island and play with Tourist Bus Simulator. Drive tourists all over the island with various trips modes (hotels shuttle, regular line, sightseeing tour), buy and maintain your bus MAN Lion Coach / Coach C, create your bus line and company. Gain experience, complete missions and you will unlock more features.

Based in Czech Republic, the growing company of SCS Software announce that Beyond the Baltic Sea will be the biggest official map expansion ever made for Euro Truck Simulator 2. It will be available to all virtual truckers on November 29th, and will cover the three Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and also south of Finland and parts of Russia including St Petersbourg city.

Among the new features of Farming Simulator 19, the livestock of horses, Players may start without buildings nor equipment but with more cash, or the contrary. When you buy land, you don’t just have that individual field but also forests and terrain around to let you get a whole part of the map. Your machines will suffer of wear and tear, with less speed and and strength over time. Its release date has been set at  November 20th 2018 !

Finally, American Truck Simulator receives a new and officially licenced truck : the Volvo VNL. Of course, it’s a free update for all drivers. The developers at SCS Software release also a new DLC expansion : Special Transport, including a set of 11 extra size cargoes to deliver (90 missions, Custom AI escort & police vehicles). More info at their blog :

Planned for release this year 2018, Sky Haven should be the Airport Tycoon that many people have wished to come.for Windows. The airport manager lets you build, develop and manage your installation, the aircraft and passengers services. With research and development, you will be able to expand the services

SCS Software is feeding the news stream with upcoming expansions info for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. For ETS2, the above video is extracted from “Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC” Promo Video. For American virtual drivers, the next expansion to depict Portland city in Oregon US state, a new blog post reveals new screenshots here.

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