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Since 2017, SimAirport has been playable in “early access” stage but it is now officially released in full public version. SimAirport works with Windows 7, MacOS and Linux. In the pure tycoon style, this advanced simulation is played from a 2D top view camera where you build and place the airport facilities, manage employees and contracts with airlines, develop new skills for enhanced equipments and functions.

Since 2017, Aerofly FS 2 has been for sale via download at simMarket so you can explore the quality and photoreal regions included in the flight simulator. 200 detailed airports and a variety of aircraft are also included (C172, King Air C90, Learjet 45, A320, B737-500, B747-400, and more). It’s now also available in a box shipped to your home. You will receive a nice looking steel case with a printed user manual and 6 DVDs.

FMOD is a multiplatform sounds library manager with realistic and advanced audio features for developers. American Truck Simulator will be another simulator to join the featured titles. Their developers SCS Software chose FMOD, like other famous publishers and developers studios like Rockstar, Activision, 2K Games, Crytek, Bethesda, Disney … and Laminar Research, makers of X-Plane.

If you have noticed the lack of development updates about the upcoming Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator, the makers came up with some apologies to explain thay have gone through issues now in their back. At least they confirm they are still focused on the bush flight simulator with more active communication in the near future. You are invited to join them via Discord.

Since our mention here in the end of 2018, Sky Haven game project kept on its way. Just a few weeks ago, the developers team ran a successful rising funds campagin via Kickstarter where they got 60.000 US$ over 40.000 US$ expected. More preview screenshots, content details, features are listed on the project page here.  In short, their tycoon will let you create and manage an airport over 150 years of aviation history.

If you like the western USA in the virtual trucks of American Truck Simulator, a new State is developed by SCS Software for a future DLC map expansion, Idaho. The announcement has only been public through their ATS Facebook page, without additional screenshots via their blog yet.

Way longer than just a trailer, the official YouTube channel of SCS Software has a new 36 minutes footage of the upcoming Road To The Black Sea DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. At 16 minutes, crossing the border between Bulgaria and Turkey shows the new features they implemented with advanced controls and truck scan by the police and customs services.

Airplane Mode is a simulator for Windows and MacOS where you play the passenger of a long-haul flight over the Atlantic, during 6 hours in real-time. Developed by Hosni Auji, the game allows you to use the onboard multimedia screen integrated in the next passenger back seat, or you can also enjoy your smartphone content, the meals, a book, and other items. Release via Steam expected in 2020.

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