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SSM2007 is announcing yet another add-on mission for their shuttle sim. “…… STS-98 started with the liftoff of the Space Shuttle Atlantis on Feb 7th, 2001. The mission’s highlight was the delivery and installation of the USA Destiny Lab at the International Space Station. Mission Specialists Tom Jones and Robert Curbeam conducted three space walks during the mission totaling nearly 20 hours of Extra Vehicular Activity….”.

PRE-Flight’s Jose Pena reports yet another model for his RC Simulator published. “…… The “Stratofortress” or BUFF (Big Ugly Fat Fellow) as its called by the Air Force, first entered operations in 1955 and is projected to become the longest operational aircraft of all time due to the Air Force’s intention to keep the B-52 in service until 2040. …….”.

Jose Pena of PRE-Flight’s RC Simulator announced yet another add-on plane for his sim, the Boeiing B-29 Superfortress. “…… Called “The Plane that Won the War”, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress was one of the most advanced bombers of its time – featuring innovations like remote-controlled gun turrets and a fully pressurized cabin. So advanced was its design that it was used long after its first flight in 1942 – it was only retired from service in the 1960s. It was also copied down to the rivets by the Soviet Union and called the Tupolev Tu-4….”.

Jose Pena of PRE-Flight announces their Beech Staggerwing. PRE-Flight RC Simulator simulates radio controlled flying on your PC. “……. Regarded by many as “The Most Beautiful Airplane” of all time – certainly the most beautiful biplane, the Beechwood Staggerwing was designed as built from the start in 1932 to be THE premium business executive airplane – much like the Gulfstream executive jets of today……”.

Exciting Simulations “……. is happy to announce the release of the Space Shuttle Mission 2007 most anticipated Service Pack. Service Pack 2 adds a new free mission, new cool features, improved flight model and additional systems simulation, but most significantly, it brings with it a major increase in performance. The new “fluidity” is more noticeable on especially slow PCs and laptops where the overall performance increase can be up to 300%……”.

Jose Pena of PRE-Flight reports they have released another free add-on model for their RC sim, the Focke-Wulf Triebflügel. “………  The Focke-Wulf Triebflugel’s tailsitter design coupled with the ramjet-powered rotor made it one of the most unique aircraft ever concieved. It had only reached wind-tunnel testing when the allied forces put an end to its development – no flying prototype was ever built…..”.

RealScenery announces “……. the release of all new scenery covering the entire State of Florida, USA! The new Florida scenery is available as two separate scenery packages for X-Plane 8 & 9, North Florida and South Florida. This is a scenery extension to X-Plane and allows you to fly over the actual terrain for a realistic flying experience. The new Florida scenery also supports the new “texture paging” capabilities of X-Plane 9.2 offering great performance for custom scenery!…..”.

Exciting Simulations reports that “…….The Space Shuttle Mission 2007 new Demo has been released. The new demo includes full support for the Vuzix iWear VR920 Stereoscopic HMD and the latest optimized code which will be part of the upcoming 2.XX Service Pack. Now you can check the performance increase before the Service Pack is released….”.

Exciting Simulations reports “……. The Space Shuttle Mission 2007 upcoming Service Pack adds a new mission, new features, but most significantly, it brings with it a major increase in performance. Space Shuttle Mission 2007 hardware requirements are already pocket-friendly, but the development team has felt that it can squeeze more performance and gain some reserve for future features…..”.

Austin Meyers, the author of X-plane, reports that he released a new Beta Version of his program; X-plane 9.20 Beta 2. More information can be obtained here. According to Austin the ‘new’ stuff consists mostly of ‘boring bug-fixes’ and he’s provided a list below.

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