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The German-language Train Sim Magazin is out again for those of you who love tracks and steam and stuff! Avaiable in kiosks in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and also as a pdf download file on today! From the publisher of FS Magazin, Train Sim is always a joy to read. Get your download copy here.

Exciting Simulations reports that”…..  it has released an updated set of manuals for the Space Shuttle Mission 2007 simulator.  The Quick Start and Commander’s Reference Manual reflect the latest additions and changes for the Approach, TAEM and landing procedures, key command additions, a whole new chapter explaining the Deorbit Trajectory displays and new hints and clarifications……”.

Exciting Simulations reports that they have released “…… a major Service Pack for the Space Shuttle Mission 2007 simulator.  Among the many additions and changes, the download adds new communications for the launch phase, revised and enhanced HUD graphics, functionality and modes, new Approach and Landing guidance, improved flight model and the usual fixes. It can be downloaded on their website…..”.

Guru3D’s Hilbert Hagendoorn is having a look at the new Ubisoft Flying Game HAWX and tested it on a variety of graphics cards. “….. In this article we’ll take a dozen of graphics cards and see how well they perform with Ubuoft’s latest title, Tom Clancy’s HAWX. An amazingly looking arcade ‘flight simulator’. Visually the game is impressive, especially when flying in-close to cities, which really shows off the building details. But it’s when the game pulls into the third-person perspective while you dog-fight that the game flaunts its visuals and you really see much of the environment. HAWX is…

“….. Just a few months short to the opening ceremony of the World Air Games 2009, that will take place in Turin from the 6th to the 14th of June 2009. This important aeronautical event is enriched by the presence for the first time of flight simulation in an official contest, thanks to the cooperation with the Italian Virtual Pilots. PVI has received the commission to organize a virtual aeronautical event, using flight simulators….”.

But simMarket now carries a Forklift Simulator (in German language only). It is published by Astragon, the same company that also brought you the amazingly popular Farm Simulator and another few ‘games’ away from the ordinary. Actually, it is quite fun so why not give it a go? Available here on simMarket.

The Dutch Ubisoft office together with simFlight Benelux has started a little screenshot competition to promote the upcoming ‘Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.’. Readers from Holland and Belgium – oh yeah, and Luxemburg – can join in and send their best ‘military aviation screenshot’ to the dedicated forum here on simFlight. Screenies may be from ANY game, as long as they include military flying of some sort or other. There are some nice prizes to be won, too! Read more about HAWX here !

Now that you have acquired all the latest add-ons for your MS Train Sim or trainz simulator, you are NOT going to sit there for hours on end controlling the train with your mouse, are you now?? I mean, come on, this is a ‘simulation’ after all. Here comes Raildriver to the rescue with their hardware! “….Drive your train simulation game or your model train with realistic throttle, brake, reverser, and switch controls, plus 34 programmable buttons…..”. Available now at simMarket.

First Class Simulations in the UK has published a few more of their MS Train Sim add-ons on simMarket. Now with the NEW MS Train Sim 2 off the table, add-ons for the ‘old’ sim will become more popular no doubt. It’s all we have, unfortunately. The three new titles available are London South Coast, West Coast Express and Cross City. Find all the FCS titles on simMarket here.

Exciting Simulations reports they have “…… released a new Service/Mission Pack for the Space Shuttle Mission 2007 simulator.  The download includes a new mission — STS-47 – which is the first Spacelab mission for SSM2007. This add-on reveals a new feature of SSM2007 — the possibility to roam in Zero-G inside the various structures. In this case, you can float freely inside Spacelab-J just like real astronauts…..”.

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