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Sami Puro reports that “…… For all aviation and airline fans there is now a new online multiplayer game available. AirwaySim is an airline management simulation game where each player sets up his very own airline and competes against hunderds of other players and their airlines. The player must buy aircraft, open routes for the airline, adjust staff levels and salaries and perform many other management tasks to keep the airline running and to beat the competition…..”.

Maybe not so much an article for a flight simulator website like ours, but hey, simMarket pays the bills ! And we’ve seen that sometimes these simple little games are more popular than complex PMDG aircraft…. maybe simpilots get bored, or maybe they get their brains overloaded with too complex add-ons? In any case, the German Astragon has released more games on simMarket, all in German; Model Railway, Model Boats and Model Cars. So if you’re in for some diversive action then dig in!

There’s a new helicopter for X-Plane fans. It is the Agusta A109E Power from IFLY.IT The A109E Power is a versatile aircraft that offers the highest level of benefits, combining optimum performance with cost-effectiveness. It is a world famous helicopter manufactured by Agusta of Italy. It is a light-weight, twin engine, eight seat multipurpose helicopter. This is the most cost-effective version, also built in special variants for border and coast guard operations. The helicopter can fly from ground landing spots in adverse weather and from roof helipads in densely populated areas. You can buy the Agusta A109E from the simMarket…

Eagle Dynamics has finally released the much awaited helicopter simulator DCS Black Shark. Modeled in extreme detail is the Kamov Ka-50 attack helicopter, and a dynamic war environment to use it in. If you’ve never heard of Eagle Dynamics, you will surely have heard of the flightsim Lock On. They made it. They also made ‘Flaming Cliffs’. Read all about this exciting new product at their own website here.

You have seen the link to the SF Fan Store on the top menu bar of this page, haven’t you? You haven’t? Well you’d best go there now and see what you have been missing… If you “do it right” you can even wear your support in your screenshots as all good simFlight fans might 😉 “But hey, it costs money” Sure – but if you do visit the Fan Store you might well be surprised at what you can get and what you can do with a little thought.

Exciting Simulations and NASASpaceFlight  are “….. happy to announce that starting December 1st 2008, and until December 31st 2008 Space Shuttle Mission 2007 licensees and NSF L2 members will enjoy a 10% cross-discount on the SSM2007 licenses and a 6 or 12 month Level2 NSF subscriptions…..”.

Exciting Simulations reports that they “….. will be presenting the unique Space Shuttle Mission 2007 simulator at the prestigious Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference ( I/ITSEC 2008) show in Orlando, FL, at the “One NASA” booth (#3145). Everybody is invited….”. Oh, and there’s a free demo at their web site.

Exciting Simulations “…… has released today a new Service/Mission Pack for the Space Shuttle Mission 2007 simulator.  The download includes several changes, fixes and adds new special effects, and of course, a new mission — STS-51A…..”.

Mark Verschaeren of Flight Illusions in Belgium reports “…… Great news for cockpit builders using X-plane as their simulator program. Flight illusion is releasing an X-Plane compatible version of their interface, allowing all the FI gauges to be connected and tweaked. There is even better news for X-plane pilots. Compared to MS-FS the advantage is that no extra “in between” like FSUIPC is needed. Hence it is possible to update the information at almost 50 times per second (FS has a 10/second update rate). This results in even smoother gauge movement…..”.

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