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From the makers of Space Shuttle Mission 2007 we hear that they have “…… published a new Service Pack which includes: a new mission — STS-98, new SPEC 96 GPC SM mode for RMS LIM management, Virtual Cockpit enhancements, performance tuning and djustments across all missions….”.

Austin Meyer, designer and owner of X-Plane, writes “….. X-Planner is a flight-planner that runs no your iPhone or iPodTouch. Here is how it works: You enter the performance parameters of your airplane one time (takes maybe 15 minutes?) Then, after that, you just enter the departure and destination for wherever you are flying, and the winds aloft…..”.

Yes, you read it correctly; no flight sim, farm sim, fish sim or ship sim software, but TrainSim stuff! No less than 5 new additions available on simMarket for those of us who need a break from flying. German Trains in various flavors! The 151 freight trains, or the 143 locomotives, or the Volume 9 and Volume 10 boxes are all add-ons for the Microsoft Train Simulator.

Aerosoft released the Gotthard Route for the old MS Train Simulator. “….. The Gotthard route is a masterpiece of railway technology and is likewise the showcase route for the SBB. This add-on “Gotthard Route 1″ contains a section of the route from Zurich / Luzern to Göschenen. This interesting route with its famous helical tunnels, galleries, bridges and the fascinating mountainous landscape will turn into an exciting experience for every train driver….”.

Some news for our salt water fans ! “…… Virtual Skipper 5, the latest edition of the successful series of 3D regatta simulation games from Ascaron and 93 Games will be released in October 2008. In this new version players take the helm of luxury sailing boats, racing across the open water of more internationally renowned ocean courses than ever before, including Qingdao, the sailing venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympics……”.

SSM2007 is announcing yet another add-on mission for their shuttle sim. “…… STS-98 started with the liftoff of the Space Shuttle Atlantis on Feb 7th, 2001. The mission’s highlight was the delivery and installation of the USA Destiny Lab at the International Space Station. Mission Specialists Tom Jones and Robert Curbeam conducted three space walks during the mission totaling nearly 20 hours of Extra Vehicular Activity….”.

PRE-Flight’s Jose Pena reports yet another model for his RC Simulator published. “…… The “Stratofortress” or BUFF (Big Ugly Fat Fellow) as its called by the Air Force, first entered operations in 1955 and is projected to become the longest operational aircraft of all time due to the Air Force’s intention to keep the B-52 in service until 2040. …….”.

Jose Pena of PRE-Flight’s RC Simulator announced yet another add-on plane for his sim, the Boeiing B-29 Superfortress. “…… Called “The Plane that Won the War”, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress was one of the most advanced bombers of its time – featuring innovations like remote-controlled gun turrets and a fully pressurized cabin. So advanced was its design that it was used long after its first flight in 1942 – it was only retired from service in the 1960s. It was also copied down to the rivets by the Soviet Union and called the Tupolev Tu-4….”.

Jose Pena of PRE-Flight announces their Beech Staggerwing. PRE-Flight RC Simulator simulates radio controlled flying on your PC. “……. Regarded by many as “The Most Beautiful Airplane” of all time – certainly the most beautiful biplane, the Beechwood Staggerwing was designed as built from the start in 1932 to be THE premium business executive airplane – much like the Gulfstream executive jets of today……”.

Exciting Simulations “……. is happy to announce the release of the Space Shuttle Mission 2007 most anticipated Service Pack. Service Pack 2 adds a new free mission, new cool features, improved flight model and additional systems simulation, but most significantly, it brings with it a major increase in performance. The new “fluidity” is more noticeable on especially slow PCs and laptops where the overall performance increase can be up to 300%……”.

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