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Slightly unusual looking it may be, but the Republic RC-3 Seabee is one of the most iconic aircraft ever built. The little amphibian may have been out of production for over 65 years, indeed it was only built from 1945 to 1947, but it is still popular today, with repairs and restorations actually increasing the number flying. This new model was developed by KC Flight Shop and published through Aerosoft for FSX and P3D. Its features include full 3d gauges replicating the original aircraft’s instrument panel, a switchable passenger, high quality sounds and extensive documentation. It has also been designed… Ever heard of Norilsk? We’d hazard a guess that you haven’t, but that’s the latest Russian destination available to FSX/P3D simulated pilots from Aerosoft. A former part of the Gulag system, the city is the second largest inside the Arctic circle, after Murmansk, and features some weather designed to really put your skills to the test. Six weeks of darkness? 120 days of snowstorms a year? If you fancy your chances at making it there and back, you can find out more and purchase here.

THe 55% oFFER  only lasts for the next three days. The Super Huey X 2012 can fly in FSX or Prepar3d skies, and it can be yours for EUR 15.24  excluding VAT, instead of EUR 34.30. Designed with 3D gauges and installing 3 custom control panels, the package have many more features to offer : check them out at simMarket.

httpv:// Obviously, KIAD Washington Dulles is one of the most famous and large airport in the world that many virtual airliners pilots would like to add to their sceneries library in FSX or Prepar3d. Their products can be found for sale via download at and KSFO X also exists as a boxed product here.

There will be a new airport scenery with FlyTampa brand name but it’s not designed by George Grimshaw or Martin Bruncken neither. Surprisingly, EKCH Copenhagen Kastrup will be produced by FSDG with 29Palms partnership.

I didn’t confound, don’t worry. Yes there is already a fourth preview of the upcoming Patch V2 for KMIA Miami Intl by LatinVFR. After the old legacy scenery of FlyTampa, we’ve been waiting for a modern design of KMIA in FSX. LatinVFR product has great buildings, terminal and overall looking, but some details don’t look so good : terrain textures definition, taxilines. The patch V2 should bring a large and serious enhancement on these items and many more that were already looking pretty good in V1.

Actual customers offcially registered as users of KMIA airport developed by LatinVFR for FSX/P3D/FS9 should see the airport greatly enhanced when the upcoming patch version 2 comes out. Higher quality of textures, new design techniques for taxi lines and signs with smooth curves and enhanced alignments, Miami Intl should be made as good as KSAN San Diego. Take in account that the price of the complete product will raise after the patch v2 is included while it remains free for registered customers. FlySimWare’s latest “restored” classic aircraft, with a partial modern avionics fit, is the Fairchild PT-26 Cornell ab-initio trainer. There’s a single model in four schemes presented with the package, but it comes with numerous animations, custom sounds and other features. To see the full list, click here.

BlackBox Simulations reported two Interim updates on Tuesday through their Facebook stream. A320 Prologue X-Treme goes to version 0.76, and their long hauler A330 goes to v0.66. Existing customers should have received a notification to proceeed to the update download. Flight performance, fly-by-wire and autopilot features should be even more efficient and realistic now.

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