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From now until 6th January anybody making a purchase from the JustFlight store will get a free Spitfire Mk IV for FSX to download. In order to get the free aircraft, the discount code SPITFIRE should be used and it will then automatically be added to the order. A new stand-alone Mustang simulation has also just become available from the JustFlight store. Created by the same team behind the DCS titles, this new sim offers a “Game” mode alongside  simulation mode and includes training mode, simple mission editor and the ability to fly online with up to 31 other players.… Next up today, for Microsoft FSX and Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D, is a set of replacement textures designed to improve the look of your sim where it has not already been enhanced by specific airport or area scenery add-on developers. With new airport building, airport ground, moon and many other textures, Aero Files’ Airport Stock Graphics will improve large areas of the planet if you wish. Check out the full details, screenshots and purchase information here.

The other piece of news that slipped through the net earlier this week is that the developers of the NL2000 project have announced the release of an installer for Lockheed-Martin’s Prepar3D simulator. Installer version 4.0.38 for the scenery now supports FSX, ESP and P3D, while also fixing issues that some users had where the installer would take a long period of time to initialise. More details on NL2000 and the download files for the scenery can be found at their website.

This is another one of those packages which probably really deserves the ‘eagerly anticipated’ line in announcing its release – and not just by your editor either, who has been cursing the brownness of the default UK textures from the moment ‘autumn’ was announced by FSX. Orbx’s Full Terrain EU England package covers the entire country of England, from the tips of Cornwall and Kent up to the Scottish and Welsh borders. In total, there are over 130,00 square km of Holgermesh, ground textures and the usual Orbx tweaks including custom trees and a detailed city of London to visit.…

The excellent FlyDubai of FlyTampa reboots the international airport with an incredible level of details and high performance, but also adds an impressive rendition of downtown and surroundings. FlyTampa support forum hosts some optional files for FS2004 users, to restore the FS2004 default lights for the airpot runway. And if you are used to tweak your addon sceneries and manage such BGL files, you may also be interested in Burj Khalifa Tower strobe lights effects here.

HiFi Simulations have today announced that the beta of their next Service Pack for ActiveSky 2012 has been released for public testing. The new build includes a number of enhancements and additions to the textures, weather generation and presentation, but also brings formal support for Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D to the previously (officially at least) FSX only package. AS2012 users should see the news announcement in the package the next time they start it, otherwise more details can be found here.

httpv:// Rebooted, completed, breathtaking and top notch designed… FlyTampa finally gives away FlyDubai Rebooted. Whether you fly with FSX, Prepar3d or FS2004, you have a winning lottery ticket ! In secret for the past months, Martin Brunken has given life patiently and carefully to this full reproduction of Dubai airport, city and surroundings. You won’t miss Burj Khalifa the actual highest tower in the world.

httpv:// Not hard to bet this week-end will be turbo-prop oriented. The B200 King Air is back in our virtual skies of FSX / P3D thanks to Carenado. The gauges panel loads two Carenado GNS530 and an Avidyne Multifunction Display. Hours of fun and dozens of screenshots incoming !

Aerosoft’s latest release from the German Airports team covers Düsseldorf, Germany’s third-ranking international airport. The primary airport for the country’s largest metropolitan region, it is used as a hub by both Air Berlin and Lufthansa, and capable of handling the A380. Making use of recent aerial imagery, the scenery provides a realistic 3D model of the airport with all buildings and objects in place including a new taxiway layout, signs and a visual docking system which has only been in place since August 2012. As can be expected from an Aerosoft airport, textures are high resolution and there are plenty…

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