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Just as we’ve received the A330 Prologue X-Treme v0.61 changelog, the popular Airbus long haul airliner of BlackBox Simulation enters at simMarket. Purchase your product today, and get all future updates through the ongoing developments for free. Then you’re ready to fly in FSX or Prepar3d, using either 2D panels or the detailed 3D virtual cockpit.

Aerosoft’s “German Regional Airports” for FSX and P3D, covering Erfurt, Frankfurt-Hahn, Frankfurt-Egelsbach, Saarbrücken and Weeze, is now available as a boxed set for those who prefer DVDs on their shelf to downloads. With all the eye candy and quality you’d expect from an Aerosoft product, the five airport pack is also still available as a download and will be a worthwhile addition to fans of flying in Western and Central Europe.

The A330 of BlackBox Simulation follows the same development process of their A320. They’ve already started to sell the A330 Prologue that is in version 0.60, far from a definitive commercial product “with the “BBS promise” of amazing things to come.” Some people may see this like a financial support to a product development with the ability to use it with free updates, but other people may be disappointed to see more and more alpha or beta previews for sale way before they got finished.

With the different scenery makers in partnership with Aerosoft, we’ll be granted with various new greeks sceneries in the next weeks and months. FSDG sent to Aerosoft a few preview screenshots of Thessaloniki X using high definition textures as you can see. Built on an artificial island, 22 miles South of Nagoya in Japan, Chubu Centrair is the second such airport to be built in Japan and opened in 2005, becoming the country’s 8th busiest airport. Brought to Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D by Pacific Islands Simulation, this version includes not only the airport, but also all the island’s commercial buildings, seawall, custom vegetation, bridges and more. After watching the video linked above, take a look at the product pages at simMarket – here for FSX and here for P3D.

Recently launched on the market, Wing Creation Inc have their first product Fukushima RJSF already in the top ten sales of past week at simMarket. They are moving on Tokyo Narita RJAA, also for FSX and Prepar3d. That is a very interesting project we’ll be looking at !

It’s nice to have read how much efforts LatinVFR want to incorporate in the future patch 1.2 for KMIA Miami Intl. But it’s even better to have an overview of the actual result although development is not finished yet. At least, the patch will be free for existing customers and the complete product price should be raised when updated in version 1.2.

Orbx development team SIM720 have released their latest airfield in the Europe series – Popham (EGHP) in Hampshire, England. The airfield’s grass runways are well used in the real world, by a wide variety of GA types and its location near some of the most populous and well-off areas of the country make it an ideal location to both visit and base your aircraft. With most of the “flow” technologies included, there’ll be plenty of eye candy in addition to the usual custom structures and texturing. See this link for full details. At the same time as releasing Popham, they…

Take the opportunity to discover Fukushima region in FSX and P3D thanks to Wing Creation Inc. In this new Japan scenery, they bundled the local airport RJSF, but also landmarks including of course the dramatically famous powerplant, modeled here as it was before its serious damage in March 2011. All of these come with custom mesh, landclass, and high definition seasonal textures.

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