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Watching carefully the latest Airbus X Extended official trailer, we’ve seen a quick view of Dubai. No, it wasn’t just a workaround to install the legacy FS9 version in FSX. Martin Brunken of FlyTampa will bring Dubai Rebooted for FSX/P3D, covering the airport (code OMDB), city and surroundings. By the way, he said it’s ready and “will be out this week”. OMG .. get ready to login at simMarket gents !

Real Environment Extreme have released their “Essential + with Overdrive” package today, featuring probably the most wide-ranging array of features available within a single “weather” package at this time. Supporting both FSX and Prepar3D, REX Overdrive includes 14Gb of textures, random and real world weather generation, built-in FlightAware flight planning, evironment and weather related sounds… The list goes on for some time, so you might just want to check out the full details here. Version 2 of Luis Gordo’s Instructor Station has been released and is now available, providing users of a wide array of flight simulators including MSFS, Prepar3D and X-Plane with the ability to “…set the aircraft on an approach to a runway of choice under any weather conditions, start-up and shutdown network computers (fully customizable), program or set aircraft system failures at any moment, calculate the amount of fuel required for a flight and load it to the aircraft, record flight performance (approaches, maneuvers, landings, take-offs, etc.) and plot it graphically, and many other things!” Although no change list from…

httpv:// Lockheed Martin wants to support the authors creativity to enhance their Prepar3D flying experience. In this six minutes long video, they are showing how to produce by yourself a photoscenery, easy and free by yourself.

Nuqui is the latest Colombian destination made available for Microsoft FSX and Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D from developers SSG Studios and Entusiastas de la Aviacion. Situated by the Pacific Ocean in the department of Chocó, Nuqui is known for sightings of humpback whales, as well as the local beaches and jungle foliage. It is recreated here with custom buildings and 3d grass, in seperate version for each sim; FSX or P3D.

Owner of the existing Airbus X ? The upcoming Extended version will be yours for EUR 19,95 (VAT incl), new customer ? Prepare EUR 39,95 (VAT incl). Actual pilots already operating the A320 / A321 by Aerosoft will be very pleased to see that OP CLB / DES autopilot modes have been added for faster vertical navigation, along  FPA/TRK mode added. Instead of the HDG/VS (Heading / Vertical speed) mode, the same knob on the Flight Control Unit can change to Flight Path Angle / Track mode. With this new mode enabled, Airbus X allows the pilot to follow a…

Until the end of the month, you can take advantage of Simbreeze offer to purchase Heraklion airport scenery for FSX, FS2004 and Prepar3d – all installers are in the  same product – for 10,04 EUR excl. VAT. Simbreeze describe their product to feature accurate buildings, animated ground traffic and 3D grass.

At JustFlight, you’re welcome with the 800XP Bizjet launch for FSX and P3D. Their model features detailed virtual cockpit and passengers cabin, with other functions like FMC with included checklists, ground power unit, animations.. The F-111 Aardvark received a service pack to fix the Taxi light switch, improve the HSI gauge (VOR/NDB indicators and heading bug added), and the Collimated HUD has been added.

One of the services offered by Virtual Dispatch is their Scenery Database. Each spot on the world map is a FSX (or Prepar3d) airport existing as an addon and reported as such in their database. Although it seems to be the most complete found on the web, it may not be exhaustive of all airports, and of all authors of one airport either. Anyway, if you wish to find new destinations but with a more realistic environment than the default terminal buildings, here’s a new bookmark you have to save. Virtual Dispatch has been known for their online and free…

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