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The very successful GSX of FSDreamTeam will be enhanced by a new update announced for next August. De-icers will be added, but even more important, they will bring new pushback vehicles models with real operators liveries. Further discussion give tips on the future developments over Ground Services X.

The new airport of JetStream Designs has a generous features list made of photoreal, seasonal and custom items. Metz Nancy Lorraine (LFJL) is found in the North Eastern region of France. In the airport itself, many vehicles and details produce a realistic effect in FSX and P3D V2 : taxisigns, 3D taxiway lights, ramp lights, volumetric grass.

A new airport product from FSDT is always highly expected from the simmers in need of international airports rendered with full custom details but without killing the framerates. Their last title is KIAH Houston, Texas, for P3D and FSX (DirectX 10 compatible).

The third airport of the japanese designer Wing Creation Inc can be purchased and downloaded at simMarket, the scenery has been developed for FSX and P3D v2. The promotional pics will be more demonstrative than the product description since you will see more than a detailed airport with custom buildings and numerous details inside. Sendai RJSS also includes landmarks, photoreal scenery, custom landclass. The featured animated jetways will be appreciated.

Just after the release of their last product, TJSJ San Juan (in Puerto Rico), LatinVFR announced that their new project will be KSNA Santa Ana John Wayne airport, near to KSAN San Diego, California. It looks like LatinVFR settled in North America for our great pleasure.

The Piper Seneca V is a modern and comfortable airplane from a passenger point of view. It’s even better from a pilot or lucky owner point of view : the wide cabin allows to load three Garmin G1000 unit, and it’s an economic twin piston aircraft compared to its competitors. Carenado is working on its virtual model for FSX and P3D. Click here for the latest preview.

“Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love. Why then, O brawling love! O loving hate!” This passage of Romeo and Juliet illustrates well that quite often the antonyms love/hate walk together to describe the same feeling. How this applies to flightsim? Indeed it does! Let us analyse for example the binomial  FSX vs Prepar3D. Nothing illustrates better the feelings people have about these (similar) simulators than to quote some sentences posted in different forums.

Alabeo opened the doors of the Diamond DA40. Jump in and have a glance at the virtual interior and panel for the first time. The gauges have not been inserted on the 3D panel yet, but the seats, belts and textures already give a nice overview of the airplane interior.

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