Browsing: Prepar3D The Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 series of turboprops are pretty ubiquitous, powering a large variety of aircraft of varying sizes from singles through to four engined transports. Based on the developers’ earlier Twin Otter soundpack, this latest PT6A soundpack from Sonic Solutions has been edited, remixed and remastered to be used with any appropriate single engined airframe in FSX or Prepar3D. The pack features both internal and external sounds, AI sounds for use in multipler flights, water sounds when appropriate. There’s a list of models that the developers have found to be appropriate on the product page, as…

Dirk Stuck’s extensive vehicle collections for the FS planet have now spread their wings – or wheels – to the world of Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D. With numerous support, technical and general airport vehicles to enhance your airports around the globe – including, it now states, Antarctica, the package changes the vehicles you see each time, improving the variety and, hopefully, realism of operating within the sim. Full details can be found here. This package has been a while coming, according to the news article announcing the FS9 version of Drzewiecki Designs’ Polish Airports Volume 1 version 3, but with the addition of Lublin and Świdnik to the line-up, it’s now been rebuilt to FSX/P3D standards and is available to purchase. The full line-up in this multipack is EPGD Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa (Rębiechowo), EPKT Katowice Pyrzowice, EPRZ Rzeszów Jasionka (including EPRJ) and EPLB Lublin (including EPSW Świdnik), giving you a number of destinations to visit around the country. Highly detailed and with photoreal ground textures acting as a backdrop for the airports…

httpv:// Our friends of were digging the web and especially the videos websites, and they found this 30 min long HD video showing some of the options loaded in the TBM 850 released in past June by Carenado. Transition from day to night lighting, the glass cockpit features should give you even more informations to help you decide in getting this well equipped and fast airplane.

httpv:// It’s not the same promo movie as shown on the product page of New York City X. This time, it’s JerdooFlightX who produced this 3 minutes long showcase of the latest Drzewiecki Design detailed city for FSX / P3D.

It’s not a common preview like others, Alabeo precised it’s the last one before they release the PA-38 Tomahawk for FSX / P3D. The model is nearly completed, maybe they just have some things to insert in the documentations, check the whole thing and the setup installer before you can enjoy it by yourself.

Since the beginning, FlightBeam Studios keep on surprising us positively, raising their textures quality and resolution in each new product. Not enough for them, they have already modelled KDEN Denver terrain close to the runways and taxiways to enhance the feeling to evolve in the real airport, and not just in a flat and unrealistic landscape.

Users of the as massive as impressive REX Essential Plus (with Overdrive textures pack) for FSX and P3D are invited to download an auto-update program of their weather, environement textures and flight planning software. So now it will be all automatic. Start by visiting this page, download and run the EXE file. Later, you will be informed that you are eligible for the Service Update 2. Detailed infos about setup and content of this Service Pack 2 can be found in their forum here.

httpv:// If you’re well organized, maybe you have a list of products in development you keep an eye at. Get your hands on it and check if the CT206H Stationair makes part of it, because it’s ready for purchase and download at simMarket. Beside the Carenado GNS530 (or RealityXP gauge integration option), and the eye-candy features, the developers added “dark and cold” or “ready to taxi” as start options.

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