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Users of Aerosoft’s DHC6 Twin Otter Extended package may be interested in a forum post today from Mathijs Kok, saying that “The last model is now done, next week we’ll release the full version, so these are the last days you can get the 5 Euro discount.” The package is available from simMarket, here, if you wish to take advantage of the discount before version 1.1 is released.

Fans of Lionheart’s models can now get their hands on a pack covering five of the developer’s models, from the LSA Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic through the Diamond DA40, Quest Kodiak and Epic LT Dynasty to the private jet shown above, the Epic Victory. The aircraft are all designed for FSX SP1 – Gold or Acceleration are not required – or Prepar3D and have extended feature lists far too long to list in a news article. Therefore, please visit the product page at simMarket for full details and to purchase.

Flightsimsoft uploaded a new version 1.11 of PFPX (Professional Flight Planner X), the new generation flight planner. The 44Mb update file installs a new world map, adds the ability to send your route to service, and fixes various flight export modes (737 iFly, Feelthere, FSCommander…). We picked up the above video as an unofficial demo of the graphics results brought to your FSX / P3D simulator using the real time weather engine and the HD environment textures installed by REX Essential Plus with Overdrive. The publisher Youtube channel has also various tutorial videso to watch how to install and setup their software for the best efficiency and performance. Available at simMarket with a price cut by 50%. still running for the last hours until tonight 0:00 pm UTC.

Definitely one for the rotary-wing pilot, rather than the airliner fans, Alro Creations have updated and reworked their recreation of the “Observatoire Astronomique du Pic du Midi de Bigorre” for FSX and P3D. Designed for use with FranceVFR’s Midi-Pyrénées PHOTO HD vol. 2, but compatible with the default scenery due to localised mountain top mesh, the package will provide a worthwhile but challenging approach if you wish to visit it. See here for more details and to purchase.

There are, and have been for a while, a large number of weather generation and injection packages available for Microsoft’s flight simulator series. Pretty much every one promises the most ‘realistic’ weather possible in the sim and most people, certainly most developers, seem to consider it a closed market dominated by one or two major players. That last statement doesn’t apply to Pilot’s, however. The company is best known for the FS Global area scenery packages, but with the release of FS Global Real Weather (FSGRW) they have taken on the incumbents on their home turf and are gaining a…

Maintenance call to Aerosoft Airbus X Extended owners. The publisher has a an update 1.16 to enhance the Navigation Display and FMGS. The lead developer himself recommends to adds on the top of it the hotfix #19 to address possible crash to desktop issue in case the flightplan loads more than 50 waypoints.

httpv:// JerdooFlightX edited a new video to promote FlyTampa St Maarten since it has been updated to its last version 1.5 a few days ago. If you already purchased it in the past, do not wait anymore : the new ground textures have a higher definition, the terminal is accurate. More features are included in the new version (uninstall, and install the new version setup).

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