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Among the main European hubs projects I’m keeping an eye at, there are Paris Charles De Gaulle, Frankfurt, London Heathrow and Brussels. All already exist as Mega Aiport sceneries, and all of them will or should be updated with the latest real airport expansions and overall the latest graphics and framerates performance. Only Frankfurt and Paris CDG fans haven’t got their preview and official annoucement until now. Today, we report some news of Brussels EBBR for FSX/P3D and developed by AWG Simulations for Aerosoft as they are working on the terrain, custom ground markings and taxiways textures.

Yesterday’s blog post from Wesley Bard of the Lockheed-Martin team continuing development of Prepar3D version 2 proves, if nothing else, that they do listen to feedback from their userbase. The most obvious advances are technical – DirectX11 support is being introduced, which leads us to the volumetric fog seen above, along with multi-threading and pushing more of the image processing from the CPU to the GPU. We also see imagery of 3d waves and water surface and more. The full blog post can be found here.

Some customers of Wing Creation RJAA Tokyo Narita reported “Out of Memory” errors and “Long Texture Reading Time” issues. Wing Creation quickly reacted building an alternative and lower sized textures set to replace the ones included in the original package, in order to solve this problem. You will find either or on the author homepage or in simMarket downloads history of your customer account. FSPS’s SimPhysicsX has been updated to version 1.3,including support for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, removing the requirement for registered FSUIPC (an up-to-date unregistered or registered version is still required) and resolving a number of bugs. Full details can be found here, while if you don’t have it, SimPhysicsX can be bought here.

Announced in September, we learnt Aerosoft decided to make a total new rendition of Mega Airport Oslo-Gardermoen ENGM. See in Aerosoft previews forum how the quality level will be raised on every aspect, not only textures and 3D models (buildings, facilities..) but it will also include the expansions planned for 2017 in the real airport.

You’ll have seen the release of Vancouver through simMarket in the post below this, already, but it appears that after we went to bed last night, someone sneaked into simMarket and put the entire FSDreamTeam catalogue for FS9/X and P3D onto the shelves – covering numerous airports from around the North America and Europe, as well as tools and utilities such as XPOI and the popular Ground Services X. To see the full list of titles now available through simMarket, please look here and don’t forget that they all come as demo versions, so you can download and try them…

FSDreamTeam airports are highly appreciated by fanatics of large hubs who look for both realistic facilities and low impact on framerates. Using advanced design techniques for best visual effects, Vancouver CYVR also includes custom vehicles, animated jetways and great details both on the ground on the buildings. It’s compatible with FSAddon Vancouver v3 to get the region and downtown detailed as well.

If you haven’t heard of FS Global Real Weather from Pilot’s, it has been getting quite a following amongst the FS userbase, having moved into an established market of real weather applications and gained a very definite foothold and fanbase. Its developers have now added it to their product lines available through simMarket Compatible with FS2004, FSX, ESP and Prepar3D, the package can be used either on the same local machine as your FS installation or remotely across a network, providing station based (rather than global) weather patterns and includes one frequently noted feature of avoiding the large and instant…

Things have moved on well during past weeks, and Wing Creation has just launched Tokyo Narita RJAA for FSX and Prepar3d, now found at simMarket. The realistic facilities show photoreal textures with seasonal effects on the terrain. The animated jetway and working dock guidance system will enhance your flights even without AES, for now at least.

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