Browsing: Prepar3D FlySimWare’s collection of aviation classics now as a further addition – the Ercoupe 415C for FSX (SP1/SP2) or P3D. This unique looking design was designed in the run-up to World War 2 and for its time has very futuristic design, which still appeals to many people today. Coming in two models with six liveries all representing restored aircraft, the package has a large number of custom sounds, gauges and animations, as well as a sound module for environmental effects and is compatible with DX10 preview functionality. Find out more by clicking here.

We shouldn’t have heard about it.. but too late, some developers (here and there) let escape the word spread aout a new version of the flight simulator by Lockheed Martin : Prepar3d V2. For now it’s running beta tests, and it will be very hard to get more information since the Non Disclosure Agreement has not been cancelled yet.

Already authors of useful utilities to enhance the FS experience, Flightsim Tools new product will change all default taxisigns for more detailed models with HD textures, and with light reflection effects at night. You can try before you buy, with a 10 minutes demo so you can check that it won’t interfere with your payware sceneries, especially when they use custom taxi signs.

I know perfectly that their last preview was reported here 4 days ago only, BUT Wing Creation development progress of RJAA Tokyo Narita FSX/P3D must be quite fast as there is already a new set of pictures showing close views of the Terminal 1, facades and roofs, gates, markings, night effects..

The future Active Sky will be branded Active Sky Next “ASN”. HiFi Tech accepted to explain with more technical depth how the numerous features will work. First of all, after the FSX version, there will be a separated Prepar3d product… and ASN will display a new user interface oriented to more “flexibility, with resizeable, undockable and multiple window support”. For hardcore simmers and weather experts, Damian Clark details the new features : entering clouds, wake turbulence, wind shear, integrated forecast weather, new global airmets and sigmets for the entire world – not just USA.

If you don’t already have a copy of Carenado’s recently released PA46 Malibu and are interested in cruising the FSX or P3D skies in style, then you may want to take a look here, where the product is now available from simMarket. The aircraft comes with a primarily classic gauge panel, but accompanied by Carenado’s own custom GNS430 and 530 GPSs (plus a RealityXP integration option), a weather radar and EMIS (Electronic Module Instrument System) all inside five high-definition liveries. Click on the link in the first paragraph for full details. The latest aircraft targetted by Sonic Solutions as needing a replacement sound set is the F/A-18 Hornet – examples of which can be found freeware, in the MS Acceleration add-on pack and as payware. This pack is advertised as being suitable for all of them in FSX or Prepar3D. Presented as 48k/16 bit files, the soundpack features both internal and external sounds, using the ‘sound cone’ technology that is part of the FSX family of simulators. It also includes AI sound sets, for use by, obviously, AI aircraft, but also other pilots’ aircraft in multiplayer sessions. A number of…

Only for this week, Drzewiecki offer 30% discount on all their products through simMarket. If you have considered to enjoy one of their detailed cities : New York, Miami, Warsaw, or to try one of their Polish Airports bundle, it’s the right time to take advantage of this offer until it ends this September Monday 23th. Don’t forget Bornholm Island and Krakow Balice EPKK, reproducing airports with great details and HD seasonal photoreal terrain.

We can’t see everything on preview pictures of Narita Intl, but the comments at Facebook give some hints : Wing Creation will include animated jetways. They are well appreciated by users who don’t use AES, so they are not stuck with static gates. The textures quality, 3D details of the buildings and ground service vehicles are also getting closer to the final result now.

KSAN San Diego, California, initiated new design techniques by LatinVFR for airports design in FSX, P3D and FS9 resulting in a great looking scenery with efficient display performance. Their most recent product KMIA Miami Intl V2 confirmed they are highly appreciated by customers. From today until September 22nd, you can get KSAN San Diego with a 10% discount.

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