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One of the bugs reported by users of Lockheed-Martin’s P3Dv2 is that, when pressing alt-tab to switch between windowed and full-screen modes, particularly with complex aircraft, the sim is prone to crash. In this post on the A2A forums, discussing the use of their C172 Trainer in v2, Mike Krawczyk from the A2A team suggests a potential fix could be as simple as turning off an option in the Display settings: “Those experiencing crash on window resize, please disable “mipmap VC Panels” in P3D options.” Reports are that the change does indeed fix the crash, without a significant visual impact,… There have been a number of updates posted on the Orbx forums in the last couple of days regarding future releases – not the least of which is the video above, showcasing the “in final beta” VECTOR product in Asia, which will hopefully be followed this week by videos showing the Americas, Oceania and Africa. Find out more here. Two upcoming airports have also been shown, EGTF Fairoaks for FTX Europe and 05S Vernonia for FTX North America. Vernonia in particular makes it look like loading up BOB for a walk-around will be well worth the effort!

As predicted by the earlier thread, the last area of British Isles coverage from Orbx’s Full Terrain X series has been released and is now available in the form of Ireland, for FSX, P3D v1.4 and v2. Famed for its lush greenery, Ireland is the major part of the third largest island in Europe, situated off the North West of the continent, warmed by the gulf stream, but  equally battered by North Atlantic storms and gales. Orbx’s scenery of the country, merging as you would expect with the previously released sceneries covering the neighbouring United Kingdom, covers over 70,000 square…

Let me you know about EFASS ! This is a versatile flight planner and moving map software for virtual pilots (flying in FSX, FS9, P3D or X-Plane). It completely free, you only to register to download the software. Once installed, you can display network traffic and ATC, weather map and charts. EFASS also features a night mode, passengers lists generated, ready for use on a separate PC via network, export to addons via plugins system. Visit the official page

Another opportunity to pick up a bargain this month comes in the form of Simbreeze’s Hurghada, down from the usual price of €19.99 to €13.99 until the end of December, at simMarket. This FSX/P3D scenery recreates a tourist gateway to Egypt’s Red Sea coast, covering a significant area around, as well as the airport itself, plus  a helipad on Giftun Island, for those who prefer the ultimate in short field landings!

If the development of KDEN HD by FlightBeam Studios has not crossed the finish line, it has passed a checkpoint at least. The designers seem to be proud to announce they have included 30 to 40% more details in KDEN Denver than in the previous KIAD Washington Dulles, still with “smooth performance”. They also add than all terminals are now finished with HD textures, and with the interiors modeled.

It’s normal if you feel it’s a long time ago that Flightsimsoft announced TOPCAT support for the 777-200LR. The developers wrote on Facebook ” all relevant Performance data for B777-200LR are now digitized, now working on the implementation into TOPCAT (2-3 weeks, depending on spare time)”. The Take-off and landing Performance Calculation Tool, currently in version 2.73, gives accurate data ( V1 VR V2 Vref Speeds according to the weather, runway length and ground condition, weight and balance, takeoff power and flaps setting. It’s really like a professional tool with plenty of useful data calculated and compiled to help you for dispatch…

httpv:// That’s the new trailer video Aerosoft is sharing tonight about Mega Airport Oslo v2. Not surprising, a visitor commented “Hopefully the performance will be 100% better than V1”. In the previews forum, other videos have been reported to show the dynamic shadows for instance, exclusively in P3D v2.

Users of Pete Dowson’s FSUIPC4 for FSX and Prepar3D have another update in the form of a full new installer for version 4.924 of the utility. A full list of changes is included in the installer zip file – which as usual can be found on Pete’s support forum here – but of particular interest to many people will be compatibility changes to work with HiFi Tech’s new Active Sky Next. There are also work-arounds for some problems in P3Dv2, as well as new functions and requests from users. Regardless of whether you are experiencing problems or not, it’s always…

Working on the PRO version and on P3D compatibility of their big star Dash 8 Q400 doesn’t prevent the team to deliver again an update for the current PILOT version owners. Among the fixes and enhancements list found in the support forum, you’ll be happy to read that turbulence and windshears have been added, along many other items about systems and FMS for example.

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