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Over at their forums, John Venema of Orbx has posted the first screenshot of their upcoming regional scenery for England, in the form of a print ad to be run in the next issue of PC Pilot magazine. According to John’s post, FTX England is “about to enter solid beta testing before release within the next six weeks”, so those of us in the community just coming to terms with the fact that the UK has just turned into a desert until next spring may potentially have a new solution in the offing to add to our Christmas wishlists! Aerosoft’s coverage of Mediterranean destinations has extended again, with the addition of their latest release – Olbia, Costa Smeralda on the Italian island of Sardinia for FSX and P3D. Primarily used by Meridiana, the airport also handles tourist flights alongside the scheduled flights to Rome and other destinations within Italy. Aerosoft’s rendition of it rests on a 0.6m/pixel photoreal base and features the usual array of custom vehicles, buildings, textures and objects – including many outside the airport itself. If the video has piqued your interest, click here to investigate further and purchase your license. Released via their own site and store a short while ago, JustFlight have now made their latest foray into the military market – the F-111 “Aardvark” for FSX and P3D – available through simMarket as well. The F-111A was a cold war warrior from the United States Air Force stable, capable of carrying a large variety of ordinance including nuclear weapons, at high speed, on flights penetrating deep into enemy territory. Unusually for a swing-wing aircraft, the wings could be fitted with pylons to carry ordinance, but if fitted, the aircraft was limited to keeping the wings in the…

It’s nice to see your hardware will have updated drivers so you can keep on using it for more years ! The popular head tracking device TrackIR has new drivers – in Beta versions – in order to support Windows 8 and Prepar3d flight simulator of Lockheed Martin. Download, uninstall your actual driver and install the new one. Easy !

httpv:// If we have felt Miami was lacking of many details and update in FSX / FS2004 for years, we’ve seen in a few weeks two products to fill the gap. LatinVFR made the airport Miami Intl (KMIA), and then Drzewiecki Design came up with Miami City 2012 (FSX / P3D / FS9)/!

Bahia Solano in Columbia is already available for Microsoft FS9 and FSX, so now developers Entusiastas de la Aviación have added a seperate version for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D to their catalogue. Including several features outside the airport perimiter, as well as the custom built airport itself, the scenery is a good place to base from as you tour the other sceneries now available for thr country’s Pacific coastal region. Full details of the P3D version can be found here.

It has been temporarily out of stock, but it’s now available again : this is the 747-400 MCP replica of CPFlight, and they are still selling the EFIS to build a complete set if you want. CPFlight have more news for their other products (Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 cockpit parts). Their homepage announce a new driver for PMDG 737 NGX and Prepar3d compatibility !

Carenado have added the FS9 version of their C337H Skymaster to simMarket’s catalogue, where it now is now available alongside its stablemate for FSX and P3D. The aircraft was a unique attempt to create an aircraft with twin engine performance but without the dangers inherent to the offset engine arrangement most commonly used. Although the design actually caused additional complications  and complexity for operators, it saw action in a Forward Air Control and Close Support role with several militaries around the planet and is popular with its pilots. Given the comparatively small numbers produced, though, it’s unlikely that you’ll get…

httpv:// Fly to this beautiful island of Jeju, in South Korea. Pacific Sim applies his recipe in FSX to reproduce the local ambiance with a photoreal and seasonal terrain at 15cm/pixel resolution, custom vegetation and realistic night environment effects. If you get a closer look at the airport buildings and apron, you’ll see here again high definition photoreal textures.

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