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Maintenance call to Aerosoft Airbus X Extended owners. The publisher has a an update 1.16 to enhance the Navigation Display and FMGS. The lead developer himself recommends to adds on the top of it the hotfix #19 to address possible crash to desktop issue in case the flightplan loads more than 50 waypoints.

httpv:// JerdooFlightX edited a new video to promote FlyTampa St Maarten since it has been updated to its last version 1.5 a few days ago. If you already purchased it in the past, do not wait anymore : the new ground textures have a higher definition, the terminal is accurate. More features are included in the new version (uninstall, and install the new version setup).

Today’s other re-release is TropicalSim’s Curaçao, redone as a 2013 version for FSX and P3D. Upgrading the entire island, with new coastlines, roads, landclass and a photoreal area with autogen annotation, the package comes at a discount for owners of the developers’ earlier Curaçao TNCC FS9 FSX package. Full details can be found here. Golden Age Simulations’ Great Lakes Sportplane comes in four packages, one each for “The Original”, “Modified” and “Stunt Planes”, plus a bundle pack of all three for FSX and P3D. Covering a period from the Original in 1929, through to the 1950s for the Stunt Planes, there are a variety of equipment levels and engine types modelled on this classic biplane collection, with 3d modelled gauges, unique sound sets and, with the “Original” and bundle packs, a scenery of “Phenick Field”.

The Egyptian Red Sea resort of Hurghada is a regular destination for charter airlines from around Europe and Western Asia, thanks to to pretty much guaranteed sun and unique surroundings of the early 20th century fishing port which has grown to be the largest tourist base on the Red Sea coast. This latest package from Simbreeze covers considerably more than just Hurghada airport, including the town’s sights and marina, beaches, resorts, islands and nearby reefs. It also includes two heliports, scenery effects, plus the main airport has Safegate docking systems, custom buildings and lighting as highlights. Please visit the product…

Glass cockpits are set to be the future, as far as the world’s new generation of GA aircraft are concerned, which is why the apparently ubiquitous Garmin G1000 is fitted to the current series of C208 Grand Caravans, dubbed the EX by the manufacturer. Carenado’s version of the new aircraft for FSX and P3D is now available via simMarket, with five liveries, a custom G1000 simulation including numerous pages and configuration options plus more. Check it out here.

All Airbus X Extended pilots are granted an exclusive (and limited to the Aerosoft A320 / A321) licence of Multi Crew Experience. Yes it’s free and included with the purchase of the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended. Open your user account, and look for the file in the downloads history. Its size is 1.12 Gb, then you get a fully functioning voice recognition and voice synthesis tool to bring “crew coordination, interactive checklist reading, realistic ATC operation, call-outs and warnings against deviation from standards”.

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