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Registered users of Airbus X Extended received a notification to download the unofficial tool Company Route Editor 1.01. It’s not supported by Aerosoft because it’s coded by an external developer, but it allows you to create, edit and delete Company Routes supported by the Airbus X Extended FMGC.

httpv:// The bargain scenery have been uploaded and is ready for purchase. LatinVFR bundles in one product the FSX, Prepar3d and FS2004 installers of KSAN San Diego. Approach runway 27 and you will overfly the detailed surroundings with buildings and high resolution terrain. Park at the gate and try to count the objects and vehicles around you. Take a look at the terminal and see the shops through the tinted windows. It seems like there are plenty things to do in that place.

Designed by Joachim Schweigler who knows well the real aircraft : he actually flies with it. Published by Aerosoft, you can slide the canopy and get inside the cockpit equipped by a complete avionics set and high quality gauges (GPS color / monochrome, Bendix King COM/NAV radio, 3 different panels). The cockpit shakes at startup and stall and there are also – of course – realistic sound recordings, custom flight performance and documentation. Visit the Robin DR-400 product page, FSX and Prepar3d compatible.

The latest release of a Carenado aircraft in a box from PC Aviator is the glass cockpit C182 Skylane model. In addition to the custom G1000 panel, the aircraft comes with two models in 5 liveries and a white base for repainters, as well as high quality digital sounds and custom panel night lighting. The product page has more information and ordering details.

Following on from their recent release of the US AV-8B Harrier II , RAZBAM have now released the British GR.7 and GR.9 versions of the Harrier for FSX and Prepar3D. With in-depth systems and droppable ordinance, as well as STOVL capability, the RAZBAM volume 2 Harriers come in a total of 10 liveries and the package also includes an AI tanker to allow you to refuel in mid-air. Full details can be found by clicking “Read more” below, or by visiting the product page at RAZBAM. More images can be found here.

George Grimshaw prepared a patch 1.1 to to fix some problems and to add some more details to FlyMontreal CYUL scenery. The first link above will guide you to FSX / FS9 patch download links. To get the complete product of FlyTampa or to read its features list if you miss the 2 weeks old release, visit simMarket.

Bush flying in FSX will be taken to a higher level when Aerosoft makes available their Aerosoft Twin Otter X Extended. Patience is a key, there are still many tasks left to do. At least, Mathijs Kok informs the Aerosoft previews forum readers they have nearly finised the daytime textures of its virtual cockpit.

Knock Knock ! You have an email, an update notification for your Airbus X Extended. Log in your customer account history and download the installer again. In the zip file, you’ll see the new full installer version 1.04. The localizer tracking, checklists, Speed tape of the PFD, and A.FLOOR flight protection are just a part of the fixes they included. Here’s the complete changelog.

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