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GoFlight Technologies, developers of home cockpit hardware, have announced on their blog and via Press Release that they are now supporting and “Fully integrated” with Lockheed-Martin’s Prepar3D simulator. To allow the platform to work with GoFlight products, a new version 2.20 of their GF-Config software has been released, which users can download from their support pages, here. Don’t forget that GoFlight hardware is available here at simMarket.

Xtreme Booster from Flight Simulator Platform Solutions has been around for a while for Microsoft FSX, getting good reviews from customers, so it is perhaps unsurprising that the developer’s next step has been to copy the technology across to Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D simulation platform. What Xtreme Prepar3D Booster does, essentially, is manage the way that the simulator, its supporting packages such as weather or ATC programs and your computer interact by applying ‘tweaks’, setting applications to unused cores and suchlike, giving you maximum performance from your system without constant manual changes. The full product description and purchase information can be…

Anyone who has looked at most of the world’s default mesh in almost any sim will know how inaccurate the default mesh and coastlines are, without significant second or third party input. Well, in Greenland’s case, it’s worse than most. The reason? SRTM data, which is often used as the basis for mesh upgrades, doesn’t extend above  60 degrees North, which puts the North Atlantic country outside the data coverage. INET GL have now offered an improvement to this, with their LOD11 mesh for Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D, which also includes upgrades to selected water bodies and coastlines along with the mesh…

Volker Heine has announced the release of the version 9.2 update for popular flight planning and tracking tool Flightsim Commander. Amongst other new features, the 9.2 update includes compatibility with Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D to join existing capabilities. The forum post announcing the release can be found here and FSC9 licenses can be purchased at simMarket, here. The ‘demo’ of FSC9 comprises the full program, but has a session time limit and some functionality disabled prior to registration of a license. The installer can be downloaded directly from the Flightsim Commander home page, here.

This isn’t a new release, rather a slight update as a result of feedback: The “FSX Support for Prepar3D” tool from Flightsim Estonia, which we posted a release article about a short while ago here, has been renamed to better reflect its purpose and function, as “FSX to Prepar3D Migration Tool”. As the (new) name implies, this tool aids a user of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D simulator to install FSX add-ons, when the add-on requires that it be installed directly into an installation of Microsoft FSX. For more details and to purchase, please visit this new product page.

The stylish and futuristic Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic for FSX, from Lionheart Studios, has undergone an upgrade to version 1.3, part of which is that it now includes direct support for Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D as well as the Microsoft platform. As usual, its developer has been pushing the boundaries of what the FS model compilers are capable of, to get the shape as smooth and accurate as possible, then fitted the interior with a high-spec avionics suite and a choice of pilot figures. For more screenshots and to purchase the model, visit the product page at simMarket, here.

Prepar3D users who are struggling to install add-ons which require installation specifically to the FSX folder will appreciate this new little tool available to buy from Flightsim Estonia. Working by creating a ‘virtual’ FSX folder to convince your add-on that FSX is installed, the application allows the porting of add-on aircraft and scenery to Lockheed-Martin’s platform. More details can be found here. Update: The product has been renamed on the shop to better describe its role and function. It can now be found under ‘FSX to Prepar3D Migration Tool’

Reported over at the Aerosoft forum, here, German scenery developers Limesim were fortunate enough to recently get a private visit to Brandenburg Airport in Berlin, allowing them to start development on a scenery of it for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D. What’s particularly unusual about this trip is that Brandenburg Airport isn’t actually finished yet and the team were given access to it during its final stages of construction. Sasa from Limesim has posted a number of photographs from the visit to the thread at Aerosoft, where discussion of the scenery (currently a “preview of a preview”, as…

Lockheed Martin now sells an Academic licence paid US$49.95 of Prepar3D. Their Flight Simulator is based on FSX graphics engine they purchased at Microsoft. They have kept on developing more features to Prepar3D and the community around is getting larger enough so than some FS developers make their products compatible with it. Visit Prepar3D section at

Another FSX product that has made the jump across to Lockheed-Martin’s Prepar3D platform, Flysimware’s Bell 47G/H-13 helicopter is a light utility aircraft, probably most famous for its casualty evacuation role during the Korean War as immortalised by the TV comedy “MASH”. The package comes with five models, eight paints and numerous custom animations and other features. To check out the full listing and to purchase, click here.