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You can purchase a new airport scenery Eindhoven X for Netherlands, to install in FSX, FS2004 or Prepar3D. Oryxsim is selling it through simMarket at EUR 11,89 bringing custom ground textures and seasonal terrain, 3D grass..

To complement their already released FS2004 and FSX versions of the second largest airport in Denmark (which also happens to serve Legoland for children both old and young), Aero Files have released a version native to Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D platform. With a features list including photoreal textures on all objects, both day and night, along with custom taxiway lighting and buildings/structures, more details on the scenery can be found at simMarket, here.

Orbx has started delivering Side-By-Side-Licenses (SBSL) for their products used with Prepar3D flight simulator of Lockheed. In this forum thread, John Venema details it will create links from the FSX products installed on your hard disk for use with Prepar3D sim. The first Orbx product licence is for FTX  Pacific Northwest.

Over the last few weeks, there has been an ongoing discussion on the support forum for Burkhard Renk’s MyTrafficX product on how well it would work and how best to get it into, Lockheed-Martin’s Prepar3D flight simulator. The author has now simplified the issue greatly by simply releasing a version of the package, “MyTraffic Professional 3D” directly for Prepar3D, which is available either here for new purchasers or here as a low-cost upgrade for MyTrafficX 5.4 users. With more and more developers paying attention to the Lockheed-Martin platform, it definitely seems to be being positioned, intentionally or otherwise, as the…

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