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Flight One Software has released the DVD version of Ground Environment X USA-Canada for FSX. Ground Environment X brings all-new ground textures to FSX using aerial and satellite imagery to bring you highly realistic ground environments for FSX. Some of the features include:

Abacus Software announces “…..In past months, our add-ons have continued to sell well in the many retail stores that stock our titles thoughout the Flight Simulator world. By releasing titles suggested by our large customer base, we’ve delivered no fewer than 20 complete packages for both FSX and FS2004.T oday we’re releasing our latest add-on with aircraft that have been requested by many of our users. Our newest add-on is a collection of military aircraft. Fighter Pilot 2 features some of the fastest, high performance and potent fighter aircraft ever developed, most of which still cruise the skies in both…

A2A Simulations has released a patch for their Wings of POWER II: Spitfire for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. “……This patch is to correct issues related to Microsoft Flight Simulator X only, and not for those who are running the Wings of POWER II: Spitfire for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004…..”. “…….The patch can be applied to both the WWII FIGHTERS retail box owners with the 1.2 update installed or to the Wings of POWER II Solo Spitfire (which is already at version 1.2).

Wilco Publishing and feelThere announced “…… the release of our first stand-alone title: Tower Simulator. Experience the thrill of Air Traffic Control ! Tower Simulator features a ground and tower simulation with breathtaking out-the-window and radar views…..”. Powered by a new 3D technology along with a complex and highly realistic Artificial Intelligence, TOWER SIMULATOR is the only simulation of its kind.

Word from SSM2007: “…..Space Shuttle Mission 2007 has a new FREE add-on: the still-classified DoD Space Shuttle mission STS-27. STS-27 began on December 2, 1988 with the launch of Atlantis, and was concluded on December 6, 1988 after a little more than 4 days in orbit, making it one of the shortest Space Shuttle missions…..”.

Apollo Software sent us a message about their new addition to Moving Airmap; they will provide maps of the Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg) to make their total 9 countries covered (including the USA). You can use Moving Airmap with the default MS Garmin GPS in your sim. More information at their website.

DBS and AI/Simlandmarks present the Livery Expansion Pack 1 for their Tu-154M AI Project for FSX. The base package can be found and bought on simMarket of course, just click here. The expansion pack is free and can be located on DBS’s website here.

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