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FSFX Packages have released their Q1 2016 update today.  Since the release of VFX Central, it has been updated with a registry editor so you can now edit the simulator location path in the editor, although use it at your own risk as registry edits could break things. Another thing mentioned is that Q400 Immersion  is the next product to come in their immersion series – Woo! Not much else has happened since their last quarter update so stay tuned for more preview videos as they emerge. That essentially sums up their quarterly update except an an update with their new license policy…

FSLabs have made a nice post on their Facebook page just mentioning that they’ve had a lot of requests as to how the Concorde update is coming along.  You’ll be pleased to hear it has gone extremely well and that the beta team has helped them refine the stability and performance of the aircraft. Not only that, but they are preparing the final release candidate build for the team to conduct their final testing. Below you will find the press release, in addition to some information on the new P3D version.

RealWorldScenery have released their latest product; Bahrain, which brings “ultra high definition photo real ground textures” in addition to a reworked form of the default version of OBBI. This new photo real product looks amazing as always and will certainly be fun flying along Bahrain’s 100 mile long coastline!

Below you can find the full Q4 status update, but first lets just take a look at some of the main things mentioned! The heads up guidance system (HUGS) apparently has taken a drastic amount of time the past quarter as there’s just so much going on with it. Not only that, but they’re continuing to implement logic and accompanying sounds alike with the hydraulic pumps turning on and off in the cabin during Engine Start (as seen in their new video below!) and during other phases of flight. The structure of the FMS has been in place for quite awhile now, but…

Little update for those who are wondering, Flight Sim Labs still haven’t lifted the NDA which would allow the testers to post images freely from the beta, although they have posted some of the testers favourite images on their Facebook page. (I’ll add the images here later when I’m at my hotel after my flight)

FSFX Packages have just released their Q4 update. In regards to Prepar3D v3 compatibility, their only unsupported product at the moment is their A320 Family immersion. Once Aerosoft have updated their installers, then A320 Family immersion will be v3 compatible. Read the rest of the summary below.

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