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FSFX Packages have just released their Q4 update. In regards to Prepar3D v3 compatibility, their only unsupported product at the moment is their A320 Family immersion. Once Aerosoft have updated their installers, then A320 Family immersion will be v3 compatible. Read the rest of the summary below.

On the PMDG general forum, Robert Randazzo posted some great information about what we can expect (Mainly with P3D v3). A preview was included of the taxi camera actually being shown embedded into the lower ECAM with the PMDG B773 in P3D v3 and not a pop-out window as previously included. Apparently it only has a slight FPS impact which will make it entirely more flexible on the new, updated platform. Hopefully it wont be too long before its rolled out into an update.

Majestic Software have released a statement on their Facebook page stating that “The Q400 is not yet supported on the Prepar3D V3.0 platform. Although it is possible to fly the aircraft, the known issues are: No cabin sound and also often stuttering of the aircraft from the outside view when in the air.

Jo Erlund Sund, Taking the Norway (and Daytona) Quality to the Caribbean and beyond. As many of you may recognise the style of texturing, Yes it’s Jo Erlund’s next project; Flamingo International, Bonaire. Located on an island South of the Dominican Republic and North of Venezuela. Previews have started rolling in already and its looking gorgeous.

Over on the Aerosoft Forums, Mathijs posted some previews of their upcoming Mega Airport Rome. If you remember; They originally had a one planned a while back but the FSX version was scrapped right at the end when it wasn’t up to their standards. Aerosoft promised they would do better soon.. and here is that proof. Compatible with FSX/P3D v2, High resolution ground textures, Amazing night lighting and lots more are planned and I hope this project ends great.

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