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Now you’ve taken the regular rythm of Microsoft Flight news, once a month, I guess you were expecting this one. Direct your browser again to and see 10 new screenshots of airport terminal and tower details, 3D clouds, waterfalls, ground terrain. Check their “News” section to read their web community and website manager job offer.

The Aerosoft previews forum has fed us with various news every week, but less than we have been used to lately. Anyway, we’ve found at least the first preview of Maastricht-Aachen Airport (EHBK). Of course, it’s at an early stage of development, but we can already see some nicely mapped vehicles and main buildings with photoreal textures.

Point your browser to McPhat Facebook page to have an eye at their PMDG 737 NGX preview. Another high quality aircraft is being painted with payware repaints with HD textures made with their own photoreal textures at higher resolution than the original ones. Note that the Boeing House livery will be freeware. While I’m writing about the 737 NGX, it will be available as a boxed product published by Aerosoft in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned !

Big Fat Simulations’ Airport Madness 4 developments keeps on the right way. Actual Airport Madness series titles are found here. The developers’ blog reminds what has already been stated about more aircraft types and more airports with help fo two more people : an experienced artist and a coder. Take the survey and tell what you’d like to be developed.

Gary Summons of UK2000 scenery has something new to showcase : an “Xtremely” detailed GA airport in Scotland. Cumbernauld Xtreme will receive your light aircraft with much more details and high resolution textures than in VFR airfields series.

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