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httpv:// The video above shows the first video demonstration of Flying Development Studio LLC’s “Infinite Flight” on Apple’s iPad2 tablet device. According to Matthieu Laban from the development team, there is no release date for the application, but further information is available on this blog post. They will also shortly be looking for beta testers and say that information regarding this will be posted to their Twitter and Facebook feeds soon.

FlightSimLabs uploaded two screenshots to let us have an eye at the A320 3D model they are designing, with the first details of the galley. When you know their ConcordeX add-on and the fame of the manager Lefteris Kalamaras, we have here all the ingredients to receive an advanced and accurate sim of the Airbus A320.

I’ve been revising PFPX webpage regularly during past weeks, I was feeling something would come out ! Professional Flight Planner X announced features sound very exciting for any simmer looking for maximum accuracy, functions, and calculations to get even closer to a dispatcher flight file. PFPX can be integrated with TOPCAT (weight, takeoff and landing calculations) and the development news are highly interesting. If all goes well, this could become my preferred combination.

httpv:// The next title in Iris Pro Series collection should be the F-15E. Watch how much advanced is their development program with this complete dark and cold to takeoff video.

httpv:// Scott Gentile of A2A Simulations has posted their development update for November 2011 to YouTube. Following on from previous updates which talk about the aircraft systems that are implemented in Accu-Sim, this time, Scott talks about the Hydraulic systems in the Spitfires Mk.I and II, plus their upcoming Curtiss P-40 and P-51D Mustang.

Announced a month ago, Airbus X Extended shouldn’t be delayed as the initial program suffered. If you missed this interesting news item, Aerosoft will add new exterior models with sharklets on wings, a reworked MCDU to support routes, SIDs /STARs, VNAV.. and the fly-by-wire features should be enhanced as well. It should be out… this November 26th. Mathijs Kok demonstrates they’re also working on a possible MCDU remote control for iPad.

As fanatic of the triple seven, I’m excited to share with you the Boeing 777 advanced sim project for X-Plane handled in XP Jets workshop. The available development infos and previews at this time look already promising. There are much more screens of the 3D VC and exterior model, and even some YouTube videos, but recorded at earlier stage.

A-Flight is a designers team that most of you have not heard about yet, and it’s perfectly normal as their brand is a new one. But it looks like they’re launching directly at a high level with Helsinki airport for FSX, nothing promised for FS9. The different forum posts you will visit here reveal night and day preview screenshots, and they said they are near to completion. Stay tuned.

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