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On their forums, developers A2A Simulations have announced a partnership with the Chanute Air Museum’s “Heatwave” restoration project and Czech Master Resin to bring a P-51H “Lightweight Mustang” to their Aircraft Factory line-up. According to development team head Scott Gentile’s announcement, “This is a project that has been in the pipeline for a very long time, going back and forth from front burner to back burner as other schedules are met. We are pleased that it is, however, continuing to progress with the help of some incredible organizations.” Beyond the project announcement, not much has been said about the package,…

This is the latest cropped view of the A320X virtual cockpit that FSLabs is working at. If you have the chance to go to the Aerosoft FSKonferenz held this weekend, Saturday March 24th in Munich, then you’re invited to check further informations over there.

Any simmer interested in Latin and Caribbean destinations must want to see more about the upcoming Caracas SVMI scenery in development by LatinVFR. Try to put your head closer to your computer cooling system so you can have an idea of the usual heat at Maiquetia when you leave the air conditioned airplane. Now you’re ready to check their wider preview here.

As McPhat designers team is involved in Coolsky/Flight1 DC-9-30 development, they share some close-up pics of it from time to time. The last one shows the NWA tail with great details, but you can also see KLM tail and wing views in their Facebook album.

What do you do in March ? One gardens, another paints a room but maybe you are planning a holiday trip ? Aerosoft does like the airlines websites, they’re promoting holiday destinations like Crete in Greece, with their future Heraklion LGIR scenery. Enter their preview forum.

Just when you know it will be a Mega Airport, you can expect a great amount of details and specific features. Helsinki is being reproduced up that level by A-Flight designers team, enjoy their development screenshots series here.

After the European scenery in Athens, George Grimshaw of FlyTampa goes back to America in Canada. Montreal-Trudeau CYUL was announced a while ago as his next project, but we have now the right to look at the early development preview.

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