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As FSDreamTeam developers are nearing completion of their KLAX Los Angeles scenery, there are a few screenshots to see in this forum thread along the various pages. They will release first the FSX version and then will see if they can make a FS9 version due to their latest design techniques making things not so easy to adapt in the older sim.

Here’s a close-up shot of the FSLabs A320 rear right gear. Nice to see a detailed 3D model with high quality textures wrapped on it. Uploaded on their Facebook wall.

A second news item reporting the 3D modelling activities of McPhat Studios should not be too much to ensure most of you can see their design abilities. Even if you already knew about that, there are new screenshots of the ATR 72-500 virtual cockpit to discover at Facebook.

Read on X-Plane 10 development blog, the latest topic explains how the global lighting and dynamic shadows should lead the scenery and aircraft makers to design more vertices than before, when they tended to use flat textures. The simulator engine will be able to handle the latest technologies for further realism in objects display, such realistic that flat textures used instead of real 3D shapes will be easily spotted and considered as shortcomings. In the same time, level of details and distance of display will have to be managed efficiently.

I knew we would hear about them soon. Bajasim team are full time designers of mexican airports for FSX / FS2004, delivering a nice quality of custom textures with a good amount of details. After San Jose Del Cabo, they are modelling La Paz MMLP in Baja California, Mexico. Visit their first forum thread here.

The last time I told you about this MD 600N project was in November 2010, and it was already looking very good. Now the developer is a bit tired of his own development process in his last status update. Maybe he could start working on textures, to see and feel he passed a step and get back on the track.

The development of Antarctica X is continuing in large steps. The Aerosoft preview forum just received a new set of preview screenshots showing South Africa’s Sanae IV base as well as Germany’s Neumayer III Base and McMurdo’s Ice Runway apron for the first time. The only highly detailed bases still under development are Rothera and Halley (United Kingdom) and McMurdo (USA, the largest base in Antarctica).