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Martin “ICDP” Catney actually posted these almost exactly 24 hours ago, but as they don’t seem to have been widely reported yet, we thought you might like a link to go and have a look-see. There are only three screenshots at present, on the A2A Forums here, but with the aircraft now definitely reported on final we strongly suspect there will be a lot more screenshots around the internet in the near future!

In last June 2011, Roland Laborie launched his Dassault Rafale C/M on the market but experienced problems with the original Dassault company… maybe not aware  of the lack of exposure they are already suffering from, and the resulting  negative communication inspired of the past century. Anyway, Roland keeps on working and previews a Rafale B model according to Mirage4FS website. Another ground – VPA – is designing a Rafale C for FS2004 using an FSDS 3D model, as you can see in this separate preview.

Carenado models are known for their visual quality, both from external and internal views. As they are working on the virtual cockpit deisgn of the  next Carenado PA46T Malibu JetProp, we can enjoy more previews of our office under construction.

httpv:// 1 minute and 37 seconds is the time you have to explore the PMDG 737 NGX American Airlines high definition livery that McPhat Studios is designing. This is not their first video about it, but you have much more close-ups in this one ! It will be freeware.

Release has been planned on this Thursday December 22. Aerosoft prepared a large set of final screenshots to showcase their upcoming OV-10 Bronco. Along the pictures, the product features list claims an advanced simulation with attractive features like realistic startup procedure.

As their press release says, ‘although the name is new, the developers are not’, but nevertheless, a new scenery design team has been born. FlightSim Development Group (FSDG) includes members whose past works include Maldives X, Keflavik X and Corfu X. Now they are working on the airport of Djerba in Tunisia for MS FS9 and FSX, which is due to be released via Aerosoft and simMarket in January 2012. For the full press release and a couple more preview shots of Djerba X, click “Read More”.

httpv:// The video above was posted today on the Outerra forum, showing a recording from the software’s beta version using the internal recording feature. Although Outerra is primarily a surface terrain rendering engine, vehicle and flight dynamics have been added to the software. It may be no competition to the established brands at present, but is definitely worth keeping an eye on for the future, don’t you think?

Gents, the Microsoft Games development team didn’t leave us without news before going on holidays ! We have noise recordings and a post about the Audio Supervisor of Microsoft Flight.. Learn more about him and different in-game landings sounds effects in a Maule.

httpv:// McPhat Studios is busy working on 737 NGX repaints, to be released as World Airliners payware packages, but two liveries will be free. American Airlines in actual and historic Astrojet versions, are made with photo textures of high definition and will be released as freeware soon. Screenshots are also available at their Facebook album. Update Nov 15 : let me add the Astrojet video. httpv://

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