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httpv://–mzFok&feature=player_embedded Javier Rollon is famous for his X-Plane aircraft like the latest CRJ-200. His fame should raise again with this Boeing 747-400 he prepared to get it included with the upcoming X-Plane 10 : bump mapping, reflective textures, dynamic shadows, virtual passengers cabin, detailed virtual cockpit..

We have now more precise informations about PMDG 737 NGX release details. They are still planning “On or Before August 4” to make it available. It will be separated in different packages to let the customers pick up the models variants they want if they don’t need the whole range, wider than in the previous 737 NG product. It’s important to note that all functionalities they developed are included in the base package, and even he future ones they will develop will be upgraded for free  in that base package. The base package will be the 737-800/-800WL + 737-900/900WL at $69,99…

Unless Beta testers find important troubles to delay the planning, the PMDG 737 NGX should be available in less than 10 days. For now it’s set on August 4 2011 according to Robert S. Randazzo’s last message. We may have more infos about pricing soon. You have two more videos to enjoy, published after the walk-around, to showcase the virtual cockpit and the first impressions of AFDS / EGPWS systems.

Iris Simulations has shared a bit more of preview material to showcase their upcoming F-15E Strike Eagle. Their Facebook wall has new renderings uploaded, with a little surprise .. at the bottom of the page.

I’m not the only one who didn’t know about McPhat Studios 3D design work, am I ? At least with this one, we’ll discover another side of McPhat Studios activities apart from the HD liveries expansions for existing aircraft add-ons. They revealed various screenshots of the interior and exterior 3D models they’re preparing of an ATR 72-500 for X-Plane.

In Bajasim forum, there is a quizz to guess what airport are they developing. If you are right, win a free copy of the upcoming product. May the cropped preview screens help you.. good luck ! Find their actual products here.

PMDG or OMG 737 NGX ? Angle of Attack guides you along their walk-around video : countless 3D details on the nose, pitots, valves, numerous inlet doors and sensors… and this, just in the first 5 minutes of the 15 minutes video available here. Among the Beta testers comments, we found particularly interesting one explaining how PMDG modelled the Short Field Performance Package to make the 737-800 land on runways of less than 5000 ft long, with accurate performances and the respective 3D modifications. There are also some words to describe the high definition textures in virtual cockpit like they…

Flight Sim Labs owned by Lefteris Kalamaras is the serious company who released the most achieved Concorde sim for FSX, joined by Andrew Wilson SSTSim founder. They’ve started another big project, the A320 and there’s a “small glimpse” of the external model to let us know – a little – about the development status.

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