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A few months have passed since our last post about Ben Gurion airport (LLBG), its development for P3D4 is in the hands of David Rosenfeld. Last time, the preview was focused on the latest Terminal 3. Now, there is a video and new screenshots taken from the top view for example, with some terrain and surroundings integration.

Before the Episode 08 about IFR to be released next month in April, watch today the new Features Discovery Episode #7 about the Multiplayer in Microsoft Flight Simulator, or FS2020. Sum up facts : Multiplayer easy access without configuration required Flying with most, if not all, airplanes Mix of virtual and real life pilots connected at the same time Actual Air Traffic Data integrated as AI Traffic, no loss in case of Internet disconnection 2 connections : Live Players : You must fly with the actual time, weather, flight rules All Players : Set your own settings and rules, make…

Thanks to its reduced approach speed and its steeper slope, the BAe 146 is a small jetliner adapted to urban airports with strong noise abatment procedures. Now see the latest development pics uploaded by Just Flight, they are preparing a very detailed and attractive 146 Professional for both P3D and X-Plane.

“Coming soon” announce the German publisher Aerosoft to mention their X-Plane scenery project of Ibiza XP. The timing is correct for the launch of a sunny destination in the Balearic Islands, isn’t it ? Click HERE for their current SALE 25% OFF. Click HERE for their full products listing at simMarket.

I know that you don’t want to miss every preview screenshot of the upcoming 747 Classic to be published by Just Flight. This is exactly the kind of classic airliners that can pull me away from the glass cockpits. Before its release, I should look for my old manual about the startup procedure and hydraulics/fuel/electric panels management, I want to be ready on Day 1.

It looks great with the numerous details, realistic interior textures. Discover the project preview by Lionheart Creations, their Viking HD will make you want to fly right now with it. A bit of patience is required though, it’s still in development.

JustSim announced that their next project is Gazipasa-Alanya LTFG in Turkey. Actually, they are working on three airports at the same time. It’s a relatively modern airport built in 1999 but it entered in service in 2010 only. It’s located in the Southern region of Turkey, in front of Cyprus island.

Incoming release, but first, MK-Studios and Aviation Lads introduce the official trailer video of Keflavik BIKF Airport in Iceland, for P3D4. Today, Thursday March 12 at 19:00Z (08:00 pm local time in Germany), our friends of will showcase the airport scenery on Twitch during a Live Stream, with the help and interview of Mateusz (MK-Studios lead designer). Come with us and let’s discover this beautiful scenery featuring : PBR for taxiways /runways /buildings, SODE VDGS parking units, snow and precipitation effects, realistic shadows rendition HD photoreal terrain at 50cm / pixel for the airport area, 10’000 Autogen and trees…

Check the good news and development pictures uploaded by Eaglesoft. Instead of “Generation 3” products news, also in progress for FSX / P3D v3, the designers team have shared preview screenshots of the “Generation 4” products, designed for P3D v4 and FS2020 ! For example, their Cessna Citation X and Cessna Citation XLS+ reveal their exterior model, the 3D virtual cockpit and the passengers cabin.

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