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httpv:// Just Planes may have noticed our high interest in the Boeing 777-200LR, the ‘worldliner’ able to fly over more than 11.000 nm. Thanks to TNT, we can have access to the jump seat in the cockpit of the Freighter variant, during their flights between Liege in Belgium, and Hong Kong or Dubai. Order your Blu-Ray here.

httpv:// simMarket sells a new 787 Blu Ray video edited by Just Planes. This time, Just Planes flew again with Kenya Airways. The African assembled an all female crew to operate the Boeing Dreamliner between Nairobi to Kinshasa. The same Blu Ray features also other flights between Nairobi and Bangkok and then Hong Kong to Bangkok. The series of JustPlanes DVD and Blu-Ray videos following the fleet of Ethiopian Airways have been put on sale for the remainder of 2014, available at half the normal price for the next 18 days (nearly 19 at the time of writing!) The video footage available includes the B737NG shown in the preview above, plus 777s, 767s, 787s and even the odd MD-11 tri-jet, including all the briefings, presentations and multiple-sector coverage that you would expect from a JustPlanes airline title. Find out more and see the full range available here.

httpv:// The 737 Freighter of TNT Airways has been filmed during operations between Liege (Belgium), Marseille (France) and mediterranean airports including Larnaca (Cyprus) and Athens (Greece). It’s a total of 8 flights filmed with 5 HD cameras to get the best landing, takeoffs views with also the cockpit presentation, checklists and pilots briefing. Billed as being the publisher’s “final airport Blu-ray release”, JustPlanes have chosen this time to cover New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK/KJFK) for four and a half hours of footage. “JFK is a paradise for the widebody lovers with tons and tons of A380s, B747s, B777s, B787s and other big birds. It still has a great amount of 747 activity and our 4h30min program features more than 100 airlines and 300 takeoffs & landings… a very fitting way of ending the Airport Blu-ray series.” Find out more here. Often described as “the Queen of the Skies”, Boeing’s 747-400 is still one of the mainstays for the world’s long-haul operators, in spite of the basic design having been around for 50 years. Just Planes’ latest Blu-Ray video covers the operations of Air France’s B747s, with 250 minutes of footage covering two flights operated by Instructor Captain Georges Merkovic and his two co-pilots for the French National Flag Carrier. To find out more, click here.

httpv:// Skiathos is a Greek island on the Eastern coast of Greece, in front of the Aegean Sea. Like St Maarten in the Caribbean region, the beach is very close to the runway threshold. People standing there may be jet blasted. Viking Wings went there to spot the airplanes landing and taking off, here’s their blu-ray video.

httpv:// 10 years after their first video of Icelandair operations, Just Planes publishes now a new video in HD, shipping on a Bluray disc. Icelandair crew members will fly with you onboard the 757-200 from Keflavik to New York, Frankfurt and Anchorage.

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