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httpv:// In the new Bluray video of Just Planes, follow the crew of Volotea onboard the Boeing 717-200 during several flights in Italy, betweeen Venice, Bari, Verona, and Genoa. Order the Bluray at simMarket and it’s shipped to home in your mail box.

httpv:// I would put this new aviation bluray video in my personal selection. Thanks to Just Planes, here is another original production filmed in partnership with Air Tindi. This Canadian airline operates 25 aircraft for charter and freight flights in hard winter conditions… Cockpit videos include Twin Otter, Dash 7 and Caravan aircraft.

httpv:// The new Bluray of Just Planes lasts about 3h20min filmed onboard the Airbus A340-300 of SAS airline, between Copenhaguen and Washington. You will assist to all flight steps from ground preparation with the flight crew and the pre-flight file, up to the external walk-around, the cockpit preparation, transatlantic procedures, approach and landing with a lot of information.

httpv:// 3h10min is how long lasts the new cockpit video of Viking Aviation filmed onboard the Convair 580 of Nolinor Aviation. Shipping on Blu-ray disc, the above trailer shows just some of the cockpit presentation, approaches in hard weather or night conditions that the Canadian flight crew experienced and that you will share with them.

For any order of a Just Planes video, Blu-Ray or DVD, confirmed until July 15th, get a free DVD of Hamburg International airways, featuring the Classic 737-300, 737-700, and A319. This Free DVD makes you travel to Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada (Egypt), Madeira Funchal, Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, and Ankara (Turkey).

httpv:// It’s a marvellous place where we’re travelling with the latest Blu-Ray video of Just Planes. Thanks to Trans Maldivian airways, we have our seat booked to fly to the paradisiac islands of the Indian Ocean onboard the De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter, with floaters of course. Unique views and multiples cameras set, including view from the floater, and behind the scene tour like the maintenance warehouse make part of its content.

httpv:// A new cockpit video of the Boeing 787-800 by Just Planes has been produced, this time in partnership with JetairFly airline. The flight crew allow us to seat behind them in the cockpit during their flight from Brussels to Cancun and back. The Blu-Ray can be ordered now at simMarket. It’s approaching summer rapidly in the Northern Hemisphere, so what better time for Just Planes to bring out a BluRay video showing Winter operations at New York’s LaGuardia International Airport? Thankfully, with JetBlue and Southwest Airlines in the mix, there’s no shortage of colourful liveries to brighten up the snowscapes, more about which can be found here.