Browsing: Blu-Ray JustPlanes have another Blu-Ray for your entertainment to end off this week, this time following the A319 and A330 fleets of Brussels Airlines. Primarily focussing on the A319 short-medium haul narrowbody, the Blu-Ray follows four flights to destinations in Turkey and Switzerland, but also includes highlights of the A33o footage released previously in HD resolution. With four and a half hours total coverage, this one will keep airline video enthusiasts occupied for a while. See more and purchase your copy here. Viking Aviation have released a new video featuring in excess of two and a half hours of coverage for Air Kenya Express’s DASH-7 and DASH-8 turboprops. With 8 flights covered across both aircraft and numerous presentations included as well, if you want to check out some of Africa’s wildlife and scenery then this may well by worth getting to you. Set up to work in all regions, the video is available on both DVD and blu-ray. In case the video doesn’t give it away slightly, today’s simMarket releases are led up by another Blu-Ray disc from Just Planes, this time following the Airbus quad jets of Spain’s Flag Carrier, Iberia flying to and from Mexico City. The coverage includes both the A340-300 and stretched A340-600, giving you an idea of the difference in operating the two variants. Full details can be found here. For pilots who prefer their aircraft from the era of World War II, SimBattleBirds have released their Hawker Hurricane IIB/C in the North African desert livery of the aircraft named “Sir Iain”.… It’s not a common sight to see an airliner best known for short haul inter-city hops crossing the Atlantic, but that’s exactly what Air Canada do between Newfoundland and London in the summer months. Just Planes have recorded not only a flight itself, but the CheckRide where a captain gets his ETOPS (Extended Range Twin-Engine operations) certification as well. The video is available on (NTSC) DVD and Blu-Ray. Click your preferred format for more information. The latest addition to JustPlanes’ collection of aviation DVDs and Blu-Ray disks is this, following the A330-300 fleet of Swiss Airlines. In amongst the greater than four hours of video footage are segments showing flight planning for and selection of Oceanic tracks, as well as a presentation on Transatlantic operations from a Flight Dispatcher. The flight itself covers a sector from Zurich to New York’s JFK International airport. Full details can be found on the relevant product page; here for the NTSC format DVD and here for the Blu-Ray package. Aviation may not be the first thing that comes to most peoples’ minds when hearing of the African country of Ethiopia, but its flag carrier airline is well on the way to becoming Africa’s largest airline, with a growing fleet of modern aircraft in its colours. Just Planes’ latest release shows over four hours of coverage of the Ethiopan Airlines fleet, featuring Boeing 737-700 and -800 “NG” series aircraft along with Bombardier DASH-8-Q400 turboprops operating on 15 domestic and regional flights. The video is available on DVD (NTSC) and Blu-Ray formats – click on your preference for more information… The latest Blu-Ray and DVD releases from Just Planes cover a revisit by the company to Turkish Airlines – with whom they filmed an A340 flight to New York in 1996. As the advertising text says “Now 16 years later we return to Istanbul to find a different company! Now one of the fastest growing airlines in the world with a modern fleet of nearly 200 airplanes service close to 200 destinations and winning all sorts of awards including the Best Airline in Europe!” The footage included in the new video covers a B777-300ER operating between Istanbul and Tokyo… Just Planes have released DVD and Blu-Ray versions of their latest video, showing wintertime operations of Air Canada’s EMB-190 fleet. Following four crews and including the airline’s fleet manager the type, the video covers a wide array of topics, showing the versatility of the Embraer airliner, which operates for Air Canada on sectors from 40 minutes to four and a half hours in length. The DVD version is in NTSC format, so is only suitable for players that can be switched to, or always operate using, that format. Full details can be found here (DVD) and here (Blu-Ray). Just Planes’ latest release on Blu-Ray is their second visit to the fleet of Air Austral, this time featuring the Boeing trio of the B737-800 and larger B777-200ER/300ER. Along with coverage of flights over the Indian Ocean, Africa and France, the video includes a bad weather approach to Reunion Island and presentations by a number of representatives of the carrier from the Chairman downwards. Full details can be found here. No fewer than seven other titles in the Just Planes catalogue have featured the operations of Air Canada, but this eighth video, available now from simMarket, covers Low Cost Subsidiary Jazz’s fleet of commuter jets and turboprops. The all-Bombardier line-up features the CRJ-200 and CRJ-705 jets and the DASH8-Q400 turboprop, providing an insight into the carrier’s operations and practices as filmed from the crew’s perspective.  To purchase your copy, click here.

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