Browsing: DVD The series of JustPlanes DVD and Blu-Ray videos following the fleet of Ethiopian Airways have been put on sale for the remainder of 2014, available at half the normal price for the next 18 days (nearly 19 at the time of writing!) The video footage available includes the B737NG shown in the preview above, plus 777s, 767s, 787s and even the odd MD-11 tri-jet, including all the briefings, presentations and multiple-sector coverage that you would expect from a JustPlanes airline title. Find out more and see the full range available here.

For any order of a Just Planes video, Blu-Ray or DVD, confirmed until July 15th, get a free DVD of Hamburg International airways, featuring the Classic 737-300, 737-700, and A319. This Free DVD makes you travel to Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada (Egypt), Madeira Funchal, Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, and Ankara (Turkey). Syphax Airlines are a Tunisian operator, with a small fleet of narrowbody Airbus types being operated around North Africa and Europe. In this latest video, available on Blu-Ray and DVD from Swedish publishers Viking Aviation, provides over 3 hours of footage, following 7 flights on the airline’s A319s, along with presentations of procedure, operations and about the airline. Find out more by clicking on your preferred format, above. The “Piston Power” preview shown above is only one of five DVDs from Aeropresentation added to simMarket’s shelves today. The Swedish publisher’s catalogue includes a variety of types, from the Air Atlantique DC-7 shown above, through  Malmo Aviation RJ100s and NextJet’s BAe ATPs to City Airline’s MD-87s and ERJ-145s. Click on the links above to visit each DVD’s product page for more information. JustFlight’s recently released Tristar airliner has been released to resellers and is now available in both boxed and download versions for FSX via simMarket. With four variants, covering passenger and freight/tanker aircraft, the package covers most of the well known versions of one of the classic airliners of all time, with its distintive tri-jet layout and global market penetration. You’ll still find a few around today. Navigation is by INS or GPS, with the latest patch adding a FMC system to the options, while refuelling controls on the appropriate models will allow that operation to be simulated too. The… Just Planes have revisited Ethiopian Airlines for their latest release, following the fleet’s B777-200LR and B767-300ER Boeing widebody jets. Following flights to Africa, Asia and Europe, the included footage contains coverage of the B767 fitted with winglets, with a discussion of their advantages. Find out more and order your copy at the following links for Blu-Ray or DVD (NTSC format).

15 videos from ITVV’s collection have been released on PAL DVD through simMarket and Flight1 Europe. Covering a wide variety of aircraft and airlines from a Hawker Hurricane through B737s, A320s to MD-11s and B747-400s, the DVDs can be found by clicking this link. Viking Aviation have released a new video featuring in excess of two and a half hours of coverage for Air Kenya Express’s DASH-7 and DASH-8 turboprops. With 8 flights covered across both aircraft and numerous presentations included as well, if you want to check out some of Africa’s wildlife and scenery then this may well by worth getting to you. Set up to work in all regions, the video is available on both DVD and blu-ray. The latest Just Planes DVD release takes us to Brussels Airport, with over 5 hours of footage filmed between 1998 and 2012. Featuring almost 600 landings and takeoffs and over 130 airlines, the time period over which this has been filmed provides footage of airlines long gone from the airport as well as the most recent traffic. As with other Just Planes titles, the DVD is in NTSC format, so make sure your player is compatible before making a purchase. For more details click here.