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JustPlanes has released their first High Definition DVD. Air Canada’s 777-200LR is covered in this DVD from Toronto to Vancouver and then a round trip from Vancouver to Sydney, Australia. This DVD is a little different for JustPlanes. It’s not because it’s in HD but because they cover parts of the trip in detail that are not usually covered on Cockpit DVD’s. I think you will enjoy this DVD so read on to find out what’s covered on this 4+ hour long DVD.

Iberia, Spain’s largest airline and the fourth largest in Europe, was founded in 1927. Their current fleet is made up of Airbus aircraft which consists of the A319, A320, A321, A340-300, and A340-600. Their active fleet of 113 aircraft mainly serves Europe and Latin America but they do have destinations all over the world using their current fleet of 35 A340’s. We will be taking a trip using JustPlane’s video of the A340-300 to Quito and Guayquil, Ecuador, from Madrid, Spain.