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When Austrian simFlight reader Robert Graf asked for permission to use the simFlight and simMarket logos on his Chevrolet Impala race car, it caused a little bit of interest amongst higher management – plus, of course, the instant comment of ‘We can’t afford to sponsor a racing car!’ from finance. Well, okay, so possibly it was a little more appropriate than it might at first appear, in that Robert is taking part in the Deutsche Online Meisterschaft (DOM) League of iRacing.

Our news content needs a fresh update from committed editors! We seek to recreate community!
This is not one single position that is being offered, we would like to create a team of writers, that feeds news into the site.

You’ve probably noticed that the decor, as well as a few other things, have changed around here… Well, thanks to a huge amount of time and effort from Miguel over the last few days (especially just after Midnight this morning when I popped up and pointed out problems which were fixed by the time I got up today!) it’s now done. Hopefully the new site in its new home will load faster and eliminate the problems that some people were having, but what do you, our readership, think? Comments via the “Discuss” button below the news article, please!

The Danish island of Bornholm is located in the Baltic Sea 37 kms south of Sweden and 140 kms east of Denmark. The main industries on this island are fishing, arts and crafts and dairy farming. In the summer with the nice weather tourism becomes an important element of the local economy. The island has one airport which is known as Bornholm Airport, EKRN. It was originally opened in 1940 and is located just outside of Ronne near the southwest corner of the island. The airport has a single asphalt surface runway 11/29 which is 6,568 ft long.

Aerosoft have just released their latest Mega Airport for FSX. Titled Zurich 2012 it is a detailed recreation of Switzerland’s largest international airport. The airport is located north of the large metropolitan city of Zurich which is on the north eastern tip of Lake Zurich.

The airport has gone through a number of major changes in the past decade. With the demise of Swissair in 2002 the airport saw a substantial drop in traffic. The airline has since been resurrected by Lufthansa which took it over and renamed it Swiss International Air Lines. Since then the level of traffic has been steadily increasing.

Held past weekend at Paderborn Germany, the 9th Simulation Conference has been reported by Aerosoft on their Facebook wall. On the various photos, you can see some of the exhibitors or Aerosoft crew, but also some photos taken during Captain’s dinner where simFlight and FS Magazin announced the simFlight Awards 2011 winners.

Last night’s Captain’s Dinner at the FS Conference in Paderborn, Germany, saw the announcement of this year’s winners of the simFlight Awards. The awards are split into ten categories, covering aircraft (commerical, GA/commuter, military, vintage/space and helicopters/gliders/ultralights), scenery (region, airport and major airport), and utilities, plus specific dedications. Without further ado, please click on the following link, here, to see the winners and runners-up for each category. Our congratulations to all!

We are happy to confirm that the three members of our editorial staff at  simFlight Japan are safe. Jiji, Momi and Nao all live south of the earthquake area as Jiji confirms in an email this morning. We extend our solidarity with those suffering from the March 11th catastrophe and it’s still unfolding aftermath. Japan earthquake and tsunami: How to help

Gatwick airport, EGKK, is located approximately 46 kms south of the city of London in the United Kingdom. Originally opened in the 1920’s it served as an aerodrome up until 1933 when it was approved for commercial flights. They were eventually halted in 1936 after two fatal accidents called into question the airport’s safety. Between 1936 and 1958 it was used as a civilian airfield and as an RAF base during the Second World War.

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